Monday, December 29, 2008

cheap pwet implant


Wala ba kayong mga pwet?!?  Don't despair, may murang alternative!  Padded panties to make your pwet look bigger and fuller.  Works just like padded bras.


Saw this while rummaging through sale undies and bras at SM.  The brand is SOGO.  I don't know if this is new, but ngayon ko lang 'to nakita so amazed ako hehehe.  Sold at around P300, in different colors.  Me wonders kung may cup/cheek size din sya?!?! hahaha

Sunday, December 28, 2008

going electric



The E3 or Electric Trike now plies in Taguig for free (for its test run).  It's a Tricycle powered by kuryente.  More earth-friendly and cheaper.  A unit costs P120k and consumes P40 worth of electricity for 120kms (it's like going to Subic one way).  Sits 4 passengers plus driver.  Max speed is 40kph.


Didn't get to ride this though.  Driver's missing hehhe.

iskol bokol

watched "Iskul Bukol 20 Years After" at MOA yesterday.  Blockbuster, haba ng line, kaso ampanget ng movie hehehe.   We'll I think Sam enjoyed naman kasi andun si Pandakna kras nya e wahaha.  Kaya pala she was willing to fall in line ng mga 30 mins, para lang mapanuod si Dwends ahaha


bukol bukol
bukol bukol


Harang at P180 ang movie na single-screening lang tapos yung mga katabi namin parang nagka camping lang sa Luneta sa galak.


Niweys yung movie is parang pirated na Indiana Jones and na-extra lang ang Escalera Brothers para lang masabi na reunion nila ni Ungasis.  Excited pa naman ako to watch this kaso let down e.  So... better watch na lang siguro One Night Only o Desperada (para lalong masayang ang kwarta haha)

tambalan na!

hey! tambalan na! yep yep yep nakikinig po ako sa kanila (kahit pinagbabawalan ako ni jowa heheh!)


[caption id="attachment_604" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="balasubas at balahura"]balasubas at balahura[/caption]


I missed them, vacation din kasi ang mga boses nila this holiday e.   I discovered them when they were featured sa Inquirer mga 3 years ago.  Since then, hooked na ako.


When I first listened to them, trulalu na nakakairita ang boses nila.  Pero pagtagal, nakasanayan na.  Ok naman ang mga advices nila, dinadaan na lang nila sa biro.  Ewan ko lang kung ok yung mga humihingi ng advices, sila yata ang may sayad e heheh.


Niweys, jologs na kung jologs, but they were the ones who kept me sane during my trying times.   Sila lang nakapag papangiti sa akin.   Ewan ko nga ba kung sane pa ba akong matatawag e heheh.  Thank you sa inyo Kabisyong Balahu at Balasu


Tambalan na! stars Nicole Hyala and Chris Tsuper.  Weekdays 8 and 9am 90.7 love radio.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

diner dashhhh

it's what's keeping me busy aside from sammie...


it's what's keeping me from posting... (kaya ng tagal kong absent)


it's... Diner Dash!

[caption id="attachment_601" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="ang saket sa kamay..."]ang saket sa kamay...[/caption]


Minsan I started playing from 6pm tas hanggang 2am.  Level 46 na ko and mga 20 million na score ko.  Ayoko pa sanang tigilan kaso ayaw ng umandar ng kamay ko! kala ko na comatose na e heheh.


Pero ngayon ayoko nang mag Diner, kasi may free online game na ang Cooking Dash e heheh

Big Bro

missed my big bro, my PapaJo.  He will soon be an OFWs (OFW-student).  Hayyy sana yumaman na sya so he can send me balikbayan boxes ehheh.  Kung ako stinky, sya naman stingy heheh.  Parang belekoy to, tapos nababaliw na pag nagkapera na ehhehe missed you sunget!


McCafe kape


We tried the McCafe branch sa Panay Ave. branch ng Mcdo (Quezon Ave. MRT) kasi I wanted to avail of the free upgrade of coffee with my McDo Fry Card. Kaya lang the selected stores pala and that branch is not included with the promo.

Anyways, the hot choco is ok, cheaper than SB.  Around 70-80 petot.  I wanted sana un Frappe, kaya lang gabi na nun and raining so malamig na kaya I ordered something hot.  Sam ordered latte was OK den, though she prefer un may mga caramel (yung pagka tamis tamis ba).

The pandesal corned beef is medyo expensive - P60 yata (ndi ko kasi nagustuhan heheh).  Parang sa Select lang e 28 lang ata dun heheh.

Yung barista looked bored.  Siguro kasi it was near closing time (11pm).  Medyo nagising lang when I showed her un GC and card, kala yata taga H.O. ako at isusumbong ko sya kasi boring sya hahhah (ang sama ko!)  Ano nga name nun?

Mcdo is incorporating yung McCafe coffee with their regular menu on selected branches.  For McSaver's Value Meal, you can change the soda drink to coffee for additional anda (P40-60).   Cheaper way to try their coffee (hey I loved the caramel frappe, not too sweet!).

^^^McDo Card gives you freebies for minimum of P150 (sometimes McFlurry or fries or chaka bag, depends on the store), 10% discount on parties and large orders, upgrade when used at McCafe branches.

I think you can get this from Mcdo Branches when you buy a BigMac Meal and shell out P75 (not sure!).   That is if they still have stock.

sa bubuyog...

[caption id="attachment_581" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="spaghettewich"]
yummo sabi nga ni rachel ray[/caption]

sa bubuyog...

sa bubuyog...yummo sabi nga ni rachel ray

ur jollivee date... minsan lang nag crave kaming pareho ni Sam ng minatamis na spaghetti, syempre san pa ba kundi sa Jollivee!

Swerte 'coz I bought 'putok' bread (6pcs).  Yung 3 I ate along the way.  Yung other 3 I ate with spaghetti.  YUM YUM (no pun/pan intended hehe)!

Gusto ko kasi ng pansit or spag na pinapalaman sa tinapay.  Tamad kasi akong kumain e hehehe

bubuyog kasi nung nag work pa ako sa mcdo, eto ang tawag sa kalaban.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

the pikon-ee and the pikon-er

The Pikonee was in a rush, wanted to finish the book (book 3) that she borrowed from Monty.  She's supposed to return it in 2 hrs.  The Pikoner said, "Stop reading, else this book I bought will not serve its purpose.  Hence, will just sell it at Ebay."

note: the book was meant to be a surprise, but the Pikoner true to its name, had to blow it.  (Para lang maka inis heheh)

So the Pikonee, also true to her name, got pikon hehehe.  Got mad, got angry, wanted to kill the Pikoner (exagg).

It's their first Christmas together and Pikoner doesn't want war.  So Pikoner made lambing and met with Pikonee that afternoon.  Then, what Pikoner gave Pikonee was book number 2.  Pikonee can't speak out of anger because it's the wrong book.  It's like she wanted to strangle Pikoner! hehehe.  Then Pikoner took out book 3.  That's when Pikonee smiled.  Awww.

Then Pikonee kissed Pikoner.  Awww.

Corny naten hehehe

Tuesday, December 23, 2008




Remember the big garfield toy i was talkin about in my previous post? Here it is...




Meant to be with me....

food-tripping praning

Yey! since it's our birthday, we celebrated it with (a) Red Ribbon (para lang maiba) cor Pedro Gil and Taft Ave.


I had Salisbury Steak (requested that gravy be separated) and slice of mango roll, and Sam naman had Chicken Lollipop/Spaghetti  with slice of S'mores Cake.  Ok naman kasi mabagal ang service (mga 15mins ang pinalipas), food is malamig na (galing yata sa ref), yung setting ng tables/chairs is masikip (kala yata nila e mga kawayan at vertically-challenged yung mga diners nila. haller mga dambuhala kami no heheh).   Yung gravy pala syempre isinabaw pa ren (simple instruction... tsk, tsk).


Niweys, we enjoyed the food naman kasi faves namin sila.  Si Sam tinatanggal yung marshmallow part sa smores cake, told her it's the marshmallow that makes it a smores.   Weird den.  I tasted it, it's soo sweeettt (parang si Panucha ko lan).  Ewww. [sam: im not a fan of marshmallows but i like it on that cake, but not that much so i took some of it-lusot!]


So after ng dinner, we went to Greenwich (across the street lang) to have dessert.  I had  Chicken ala King, and Sam had Fried Chicken and Nachos.  Ok at nabusog na ren kami finally hahha. [sam: excuse me im full already but you wanted to eat more so i obliged to your big appetite- lusot agen!]


[caption id="attachment_565" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Mikoy said"]Mikoy said[/caption]


[caption id="attachment_566" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sam said"]Sam said[/caption]

Friday, December 19, 2008


Last night's Christmas Party at the Manila Polo Club was a success. Though there are some boo boo's, it still went well I believed. Almost everybody took an effort to dress up and followed the theme - Roman, Greek, Egyptian. My group went as Egyptians. My tita did very well with my costume. I'm happy even if I did not win, I was nominated last night in the Best Female Best Costume Category :) I have not texted tita yet re this but Im sure she'll be very happy. Yey!


We (some of the committee's) were there early, we left the office before lunch. Had a quick lunch at Luk Yuen in Magallanes then SB before we headed to MPC. Started quite late since everybody's stucked in traffic, ended around 2am i think. Tito and driver fetched me, actually waited for me for an hour since I asked to give me a lil more time because they're still giving away cash prizes. Sigh, no luck! Had a few drinks, honest! Its just that I was tired lately and because of my period. Last night, I remember mommy talking to me but couldn't remember what exactly the topic of our conversation. I was so sleepy and tired.


Some people doesn't really know how to handle alcohol. I was told this morning of my colleagues who literally slept inside the restroom!!! One of them blew on the couch inside the ladies room. I could not imagine how MPC would react when they found out. We might be banned the next time we consider having the party there again haha.







Wednesday, December 17, 2008



Yey!!! Thanks to Engkandyosa, she didn't forget to bring the book this morning!! I'm on my 3rd book - Eclipse. Couldn't stop. Just like Pringles - once you pop, you can't stop hahaha!


Last night was our department's Christmas Party at the Garden Deck. We had so much fun, HoneyRey kept on fooling around. Then after we ate, we decided that we'll go home early since I don't have 'sundo' I don't want to go home late - scared you know! Am such a hold-upper magnet. Left the number coupon with neighbor bec there are prizes and one those is the BIG GARFIELD STUFF TOY.. Anyways, we were told by the organizers that we should bring the small invitations they gave us before, omg, i placed it in the trash when I was cleaning my cubicle some weeks ago. So neighbor told me to just get Linc's since he will not attend. They were teasing me that I won't be able to get in and eat if I don't have the invitation.


To make the long story short, my number was picked last night, neighbor did text it to me so I got excited (hoping that it was intended for me) This morning she said that since we're going to have our last mini TB this lunchtime, they'll have it for raffle. I thought they were just teasing me or something but I guess they're serious about it. Thus :((


Oh well, I probably expect too much. Don't want to elaborate on this so much.




Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Going Bananas

[caption id="attachment_546" align="aligncenter" width="113" caption="parang me tigdas lan heheh"]parang me tigdas lan heheh[/caption]


Read in The Inquirer that Japan has banana shortage.   This is because of the new fad diet that has hit singkit-country (don't want to say sakang coz I'm sakang too LOL).


So the diet goes... eat banana for breakfast (doesn't matter how much, but a piling would be too much, I think)  and drink room temperature water for breakfast.  Then have anything for lunch and dinner except dessert (all before 8pm).  Go to bed before midnight.


After my Christmas binge, will try this.  Niwey banana is good for the body, rich in potassium and sero fat.  hmmm baka naman I'll grow to be a kingkong ha heheh


Monday, December 15, 2008

Let's call the whole thing off

Oh no I am not saying goodbye. That is the title of the song by Richard Poon that I love listening to nowadays.  Its cute. It makes me smile everytime I hear the song.


You say "either" and I say "either"
You say "neither" I say "neither"
"Either" "either", "neither" "neither"
Let's call the whole thing off
You say "potato" I say "patattah"
You say "tomato" I say "creole tomatah"
Let's call the whole thing off

Oh, if we call the whole thing off
Then we must part and
Oh, if we ever part
That would break my heart

I say "ursta" you say "oyster"
I'm not gonna stop eatin urstas
Just cause you say oysters,
Let's call the whole thing off

I say "pajamas" you say "pajamas"
Sugar, what's the problem?
For we know we need each other so
We'd better call the calling off off

Oh let's call it off, oh let's call it off
Oh let's call it off, baby let's call it off

Sugar why don't we call it off,
I'm talking baby why call it off
Let's call the whole thing off


Two Occasions

A summer love is beautiful
But it's not enough
To satisfy emotions
That are shared between us
A winter love is cozy
But I need so much more
It just intensifies my wants
To have a love that endures

'Cause every time I close my eyes
I think of you
And no matter what the season is
I still love you
With all my heart
And I wanna be with you
Wherever you are

I only think of you on two occasions
That's day and night
I'd go for broke if I could be with you
Only you can make it right

An autumn love is special
At this time of the year
But when the leaves are gone
Does that love disappear
I never underestimate the new love of spring
But I'm glad to say in my heart
I know my love's lasting

'Cause every time I close my eyes
I think of you
And no matter what the season is
I still love you
With all my heart
And I wanna be with you
Wherever you are

'Cause every time I close my eyes
I think of you
And no matter what the season is
I still love you
With all my heart
And I wanna be with you
Wherever you are

Sunday, December 14, 2008

happy feet

If you want to see Happy Feet -- eto na sya!

[caption id="attachment_530" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="hihi parang mga bulate!"]hihi parang mga bulate![/caption]

Her name is Inday, and she's my toy sa work.  She makes me laugh and keeps me from falling asleep in the afternoon hehe.  One time we weren't doing anything and I just drew itong smiling faces sa toes nya.  She loved them. Actually she likes to write on her body.  I think she will have a tattoo someday heheh.


Sometimes she has lagnat, and so I practiced some Q&A's with her:


me: saan ang sakit mo?

inday: sa utak!

me: anong problema?

inday: sira!


yes, sira talaga ang ulo ng batang ito.  manang mana sa aken heheh

SM North Edsa re-opens

[caption id="attachment_527" align="aligncenter" width="382" caption="the irony was to capture the entirety of the new mall, the pic was taken from trinoma "]the irony was to capture the entirety of the new mall, the pic was taken from trinoma [/caption]


oist! SM North Edsa is now the world's 3rd largest mall.  whew!  Biruin mo that's the Whole Wide World.  I haven't been there to see the new mall, kasi they just re-opened last Friday.  Saka I see no reason pa why I should go, with all the traffic and my xmas shopping done, siguro next year na o kaya next week heheh (ang gulo ko!)


Niweys, from my last visit sa Trinoma, I saw na may connecting bridge na between SM and Trinoma.  That's good.  Kasi before traffic was baddd kasi pedestrians are competing for space vs cars e.  Kaya nga I wouldn't even dare go to The Block before kasi it would take me another 30 mins (walang exagg yan) just to park dun.


[caption id="attachment_526" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="uyy may bantay pa si lolo!"]uyy may bantay pa si lolo![/caption]


Speaking of SM, every Christmas season, they hire mga senior citizens as GRO (hehe) o nakalagay kasi sa sash nila is - Customer Assistance.  Ngek, baka sila pa nga ang tulungan heheh.  Basta when I see them e they just greet yung mga shoppers.   Ok lang naman at least the oldies get to earn some money na pang aguinaldo sa apo, kaya lang sana i-utilize pa sila.  Pag concert-in kaya sila o kaya pa-sayawin sa entertainment area.  Pde ren contest like bunong-braso o pitik-bulag competition.    Yannn, ma exercise pa mga kasu kasuan nila no hehe.


Para kasing display lang sila dun and SM is exploiting them (kunyari CSR project nila yun).  But they are gaining more (projecting an image as a company concerned with the oldies), than the oldies who may just be getting a free meal or minimum pay (which I doubt 'coz  SM is so kuripot) for posting as GRO (saka haller nakaka pagod kayang tumayo ng matagal).


O happy note naman from SM.  Nakaka aliw yung greetings nila every hour. Has anybody seen it ?!??!   First time I witnessed this akala ko may kudeta heheh.  Basta on every top of the hour, may voice over saying "welcome to SM chuva"  tapos the staff  will drop whatever it is that they are doing, make a formation, clap their hands, and shout "WE'RE HAPPY TO SERVE YOU!".    Wala lang.  Shocking.  Weird.  Aliw. hehe

Christmas happy thoughts naman!

yey! Christmas na! may excuse na ulet para tumaba!  pig out! pig out! oink!!!


Kanina was eating a lot.  I had rice na then halaya and clover pa.  Nako Sam told me to stop eating !  I'm back to my old weight (200lbs), but I'll diet (pramis!) after our buffet hehehe


Food I like to eat during Xmas season:


1.  my mom's morcon - she cooks this every time na may okasyon (xmas,  new year, holy week hehe).  She makes mga 6 pcs, so ito ang ulam namin ng 2 days.  I only eat the beef part, i remove the fillings (kasi ganun talga ko kumain e) kaya i don't know if you can still call it morcon.


2.  lola's leche flan - syempre for me this is the best leche ever.  before I could replicate her timpla, pero recently puro misses ang luto ko!  Ok na rin kasi I can't eat what I cook eh, and yung mga naluluto ko naman e hinihingi ng mga fans ko heheh.


3. circles' roast beef - sinful.  It's super sarap but super mahal heheh.  Times are hard man, Christmas na lan ang time na pwedeng mag splurge sa expensive buffets ngayon.


I go at the Shang Makati's buffet every year, minsan dun ang xmas lunch namin family (kaya libre ako hehe).  I don't eat everything, mostly just roastbeef and salmon.  yun iba, tikim tikim lan.   will post later our would be experience =) excited na ako yahooo


so ang happy thoughts ko ba ay puro pagkain?  hmmm ask sam, mahilig talga akong kumain hehe

Christmas peeve-er is here!

It's almost Christmas (yey!), lots of things to be thankful and happy about. But also some na irritating.


So let's go nega muna:


1. karoling-ers - these batang paslits without any vocal talent spew noise.  and the only song they know is 'sa may bahay...' or 'ang pasko ay sumapit'.  When I was about to enter the garaje kanina, some karolingers seized the opportunity to karoling me.  my golly, i told them i won't give them piso (hehe) unless they sing another song.  Aba, natameme heheh.  So that's the way to shut them up. They finally sang, 'silent night' pero disco version haha.  And the only lyrics they know is silent night.    Sarap tape-an ng bibig nila para silent na talga ang night! heheh


2. traffic - everywhere you go there is traffic.   lalo na sa edsa and manila.  word is that in manila,  they are looking for yamashita treasure.  kabikabila ang bungkal ng kalsada.  either that or they have found oil in malate.  and especially now that gas is cheaper, people are bringing their cars again and since xmas season, every one's going to the mall.  Once in the mall, may line din everywhere.  resto, cr, atm, parking, counter, taxi.  kahit si Curacha napagod na noh.


3. gastos - after the buying spreeeee, na parang pinakawalang ka lang sa koral, bills naman ang kasunod (gulp! lunok!).   Yung 13th month, parang ipinahawak lang sa yo ng mga stores o credit company.  Bago mag January, kanila na hehe. Well ako naman kasi I give gifts dun sa immediate family ko lang.  Ayoko naman kasing makipag exchange gifts ng mugs and figurine e heheh.  Saka I'm into practical giving ang receiving.  Minsan nga gusto ko sabong panlaba ang ibigay e.  kasi for sure magagamit yun.  Kesa naman sa mugs o other aniks aniks ( unless collector ng aniks aniks yung bibigyan mo).


4. Christmas air - yung hangin mula sa natutunaw na yelo ba yun sa Himalayas (sori forgot the name).  Dryness ang skin.  I'm not fond of lotion pa naman.  Saka, as I've told Sam, may sadness na dala yung air.  I've had lots of sad memories na ganito ang  feeling ng hangin kaya ganun.


Pero ngayon I'm happy masaya ang Merry Christmas ko (paulit ulit?).  I have a pakner in crime heheheh, Santa's giving me lots of gifts for not being naughty, everyone's healthy sa family kahit puro topak kami heheh.  I'm missing lang my big brother, na suplado pa rin hanggang ngayon at hindi pa nagpapadala ng balikbayan box sa ken! heheh

Friday, December 12, 2008

Indian Dinner

[caption id="attachment_516" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="beef kebab"]beef kebab[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_517" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="fish n chips"]fish n chips[/caption]



I craved for these one time so we went to Shawarma Center in Salas St near Robinsons Place.   Ambience? Good. Food? Tastes good for me, I mean I loved what I ordered, I can go back there again.

I wanted to try this one but Mikoy doesn't want me to. Its unhygienic.


Dezza is my friend's daughter who frequents the house. Well, seems that the lil gurl lives in our house already since she's always there and she's really like a family to us, and I quote "I am family, Ajing right?"


The other day, I found her having a fight with her godmother, my cousin. My cousin was just teasing her of course with my toy, DS that I will not lend her the DS and Erika will bring it home with her. But of course, the lil gurl won...



Speaking of Dezza, I consulted SG regarding something yesterday. I am curious if Dezza has an imaginary friend, because its unusual for a 4yr old child to invent stories especially of people whom we do not know and see. She often talks about a certain Martin. I secretly asked her one time to describe Martin to me. She said, Martin's older than her, taller than her, has a clean cut hair...and recently they have a child - Jack Jack Lix. I am not sure of the spelling but that's how she pronounced it. Weird!


Thursday, December 11, 2008


I was on leave yesterday since I don't feel well. So I stayed home. Mikoy thought (well probably thinking that I have a vis(u)itor at home or I went out) since I was not responding to the SMS'. After lunch, I finished wrapping my gifts, need to buy some more this weekend; read a few chapters of Twilight which I should have finished last week but it's taking me so long since I cannot read here in the office, at home too cuz of the chores and shopping.


Sorry I am just spending some quality with myself. I missed that.  Doing things that I wanted to but I don't have enough time - watching TV, reading books, listening to music, sleeping til my back aches etc. Don't get me wrong, I am like this sometimes (without warning) I apologized though for not telling you ahead of time.


For the record, I did not go out with someone/somebody yesterday; I didn't have a visitor at home; or whatever that is that is on your mind right now.



Mikoy is sick. Please get well soon.

Monday, December 8, 2008


[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="150" caption="100"]100[/caption]

Watched 100 last Friday in RP.



Joyce is a successful, independent, career-oriented woman who has just learned that she has terminal cancer, and has about three months to live. Rather than falling into depression, Joyce takes a more pragmatic approach to her mortality: she attempts to complete a list of one hundred things to complete before she dies. As she goes through the list, she is forced to face some of her biggest regrets, and in so doing, reconnect with the people that mean most to her, people that she will have to leave behind.

Movie's great. Mylene, Eugene and Tessie gave justice to their roles. Nice butts :)



I was also telling Mikoy that some of the scenes were taken in Pinatubo trek going to the crater. We went there last October 2007. It was very memorable because had a sprain ( to forget ) hahaha!

Moral lesson of the story: Be sure that you have plenty of Post-it Notes once you've learned that you are dying! hahaha!




I am updating this blog more than my other blog since this one is not blocked here in the office (oh please God don't let them do that pls) I am too tired to go online most of the time at home. 

Friday, December 5, 2008


Napansin ko lang napapadalas ang rainbows.  Minsan kahit ambon lang, me sumusulpot na agad.  Pix taken sa lungga namin.  Rainbow amidst the magulong signages, kawad ng kuryente at iba pang basura.


The view would definitely be much better without those kalats.




(Trans: I just noticed that  I often see rainbows. Sometimes I see them even if its just a drizzle. This picture was taken near our house. Rainbow amidst signages, electric cables and other trash.

The view would definitely be much better without those trashes.)

Harbour Centre

This is where we go when Sam doesn't want to go to the mall.  It's near her office, and just across CCP in Dewey Blvd (Roxas Blvd).   Marami ring restos to choose from. They have Dencio's, Grappas, Jollivee, Pancake House, Starbucks, Terriyaki Boy, Icebergs, Singkit and some bars din. May mini- tiangge rin sa tabi.


Mahigpit ang parking boys dito (people in orange), 'coz gusto nila maayos ang parada.  Ako pa naman, paradang militar hehehe.  Kaya nakakainis pag nag iinarte sila.  Ewan ko lang but I think mag fu-function naman yung parking area nila without those boys.  I mean, hindi naman kalakihan yung area, and most of the time it's not full.  Well, tanggalan ko pa daw sila ng work hekhek...


Malapit na talga ang Pasko, may Belen na sa Harbour Centre.  Akala ko sa sabsaban ang scene, pero sosyal kasi gawa sa bato ititch.


Dito sa Harbour Centre ang station ng  boat going to Corregidor .   I want to try this, kaya lang ayoko mag overnight don, kasi may mumu heheh.  I'm sure Sam will enjoy ghost h(a)unting, but not me!



(Trans: This is where we go when Sam doesn't want to go to the mall.  It's near her office, and just across CCP in Dewey Blvd (Roxas Blvd). There are so many restaurants to choose from - They have Dencio's, Grappas, Jollibee, Pancake House, Starbucks, Terriyaki Boy, Icebergs, Singkit and some bars. You can see a mini bazaar within the vicinity.

Parking boys in orange are quite strict. I usually park my car regardless how I parked it, I don't seem to care haha. That's why I get pissed when they try to ask me to park it nicely. I dont know but I think the parking will still function even without these guys. The area is not that big. Haha. Well, ok. I dont want them to get fired anyway haha.

Christmas is very near, the Harbour Centre has a manger. I thought it was just a simple nativity scene but when I looked at it, it was made of bricks.

Also, we could find the station going to Corregidor. I wanted to try this but I am hesitant and dont want to stay overnight, there are ghosts. Im sure Sam will enjoy ghost h(a)unting, but not me!)


Tuesday, December 2, 2008





Watched BOLT movie last Friday with Mikoy in RP. Movie's cute and funny...Mikoy will definitely get a gift from Santa Mama this Christmas for being nice and behave..hahahah



The next day, my 2 cousins asked me if I could treat them to Twilight since the "oldies" doesn't want to go with them. Had popcorn and hotdog for me. Klang ate the whole bucket since Erika doesn't like it anymore. It seems that the little lady doesn't have any choice since I told them to finish that or else. hahahah. What a pity!



It was like my treat to Klang since she was in the TOP 6 of her batch (over-all)




Uhmm, I think it would be better If I will just read the book. Movie was...ok.