Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Endless Blah Blah’s

While having dinner at Volare Pizza, I was told that I am a 1.5. Well almost reaching one. I could have made it to Top 1 if it weren’t for my “being difficult” sometimes. Hahaha.

Babe, I am glad with my ranking, I don’t want to be on that rank anyway. At least I know I am your ONLY ONE *wink wink* (hihi im so lantod!)

Anyway, their food is very nice. What did we have? Uhmm..ahhh… grrrr. I forgot!!! Basta one the pastas (which is the house specialty) and one sort of sausage patate.

Try it, it’s worth it.


Last Friday, mom and I went to Hard Rock Makati for the Acquaintance Party initiated by her boss. It was her boss’ way to get to know her staff’s loved ones. I couldn’t say I didn’t enjoy the party. I did honestly although I wasn’t able to chat with the others. I am not in the mood to really mingle, I wasn’t feeling well that time. Didn’t even give in to mom’s request for me to sing.

Finally, I’ve met the controversial boss and his family. He is Turkish. The children are sooo cute. Been a babysitter of the eldest child for awhile when we are waiting for the other guests to arrive. We talked about Disney Channel and other cartoons. Good thing I love cartoons and the movies and songs she loves to sing. Hahaha.

So busog with the food! Was home around 12MN but twas fun!


Last night, had buffet dinner at Marriott Hotel.

Sulit na sulit sa prime roast beef pa lang…buffet for only P675 net/pax. Kung di lang siguro nahiya itong si Mikoy kay ‘Moogamba’ eh baka kinuha iyong i sang slab ng prime roast beef.

Hayy…told mommy about it and said we’ll try it on the weekend of her birthday. Yey!!!


Ok I had enough asterisks for today. Oh, before I forget I leveled up again at CW! Whoohh, thanks poks. Mwah!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

On being single

This was posted on PDI during the first quarter of the year. I saved this because I loved how it was written. No, I was not single that time. Why am I posting this now? Recently, my friends and I were talking how we will react if somebody asked us about lovelife.

One friend answered, "If I am a working girl, I would have said, 'I am too busy to think about those, have no time; for the family-oriented, I would have said 'I have my family(and friends) what more can I ask for?" Nice one Duy. I love Jod's response to this too. "The question is what will you do to those people who will question you about your lovelife?"Hahaha.

It is important to remember to live your life in the meantime and not stress too much about your future.

Here's the article.

Preparing for single senior-hood

By Alya Honasan
Philippine Daily Inquirer

THE year 2008 didn’t end too well for me. Recurring health problems, crossroads in important areas of life and difficult relationships left me not very enthusiastic about the year to come. As I struggled with a painful gum problem, I thought to myself: here I am, 44 years old, the youngest in our brood of five boys and a girl (with my dad and three of the boys already gone), and by default, the main person taking care of my 84-year-old mother. Not that I resent the job—I love my mother dearly—but it’s really a lot for just one person, and I often find myself wishing that I had a sister to share the load with so we could take care of our mother and each other the way only women can. As it is, I have no sisters, no husband (a matter of choice as much as circumstance), and no children (they were never on the agenda). My two living brothers have their own immediate families, who will naturally take precedence over everybody else. Which led me to the obvious question: When I’m old and unproductive and I’ll need help getting around, who’ll take care of me?

In the last few years, I’ve confirmed the answer, beyond the shadow of a doubt, from my own observations as well as endless discussions with friends in the same boat: I will take care of me. It’s a logical statement, not a sad one. The fact is, I alone will be primarily responsible for myself. Besides, I’ve always thought the idea of bearing a child to have someone take care of you in old age is a selfish agenda, and I think parents who keep drilling this obligation into their kids’ heads and investing in them for this express purpose are laying the groundwork for resentment and dysfunction.

It’s not just me who’s facing this challenge. More and more, I have friends—male, female and otherwise—who are getting older with no prospects of domesticity in their immediate future. Let’s not count a companion/lover/partner, who can appear and disappear just as quickly, but at our age, most of us have pretty much given up on passing on the genes—which means that if and when the partner goes first, you’re back to Square of One.

And yes, we have discussed this, my friends and I—where we will live, how we intend to manage whatever resources we have, what we plan to do when we retire single. Barring any last-minute couplings—which will always be welcome, take note—the current plan among my closest friends and I is a set-up that already exists in many places, a sort of private retirement home where we pool funds for infrastructure, common areas and a shared staff of nurses, drivers and house help. We will have the privacy of individual rooms when we want quiet time and the freedom to plan our own days, but we’ll always have the option of doing things together. After all, aren’t friends supposed to be the blood brothers and sisters you weren’t born with?

The interesting part is, yes, several of us have siblings and nieces and nephews. But we’ve decided we want a lot more security than the thickness of blood over water, and on just banking on the goodness of the hearts of people who will have other things to worry about—and who never signed any contracts to care for the unmarried aunt/uncle.

Dignified life

So can one prepare for solo old age? Maybe not completely, but my friends and I have concluded that there are some things to bear in mind so life is full, pleasant and dignified, even when (or probably because?) you’re alone.

1. Don’t ever, ever assume you will be somebody else’s problem. Sorry for the overstatement but this happens too often for comfort. “Oh, bahala na si (clueless younger relative) sa akin.” Of course, all of us wish we could be so smug and na├»ve. I myself used to kid my oldest nephew and my nieces about looking after me, but that is no longer something I ever plan to bring up. They have their own lives now, and taking care of other people is not in their nature. Although the Filipino family is famously extended, every unmarried, childless person above 40 should never forget that in relation to your siblings’ families, you will always be optional and peripheral, never central. You hover somewhere outside the nucleus of priorities because you didn’t create a nucleus of your own. It’s nothing personal; it’s fate, not tragedy, and the sooner you accept that as a fact of life, the sooner it becomes easy to do your own thing without overblown expectations and hurt feelings.

2. You must manage your resources exceptionally well. Save large chunks of everything you make. What I’ve saved is far from enough to live on, but I reckon I’ve got some time to build that nest egg, and I avoid debts like the plague. You must invest in a place that’s all your own, never mind how big the family home is, how large an inheritance you’re expecting or how much extra space there is in your married brother or sister’s house. A good project I bagged over 10 years ago allowed me to put a down payment on a shoebox of a condo unit in a major commercial center—a shoebox it is, but it’s all mine and it will be enough for me once I’ve scaled down in my older years. (In the meantime, it’s making me some extra cash.) Get professional advice to make sure you invest in good instruments (although the most conservative ones will probably be the best choices now), and to help you calculate how much you should have in the bank to enable you to live decently on interest and dividends. Oh, and make sure your agent sells you a pension plan, not a life insurance plan. You don’t need to leave your money to a beneficiary; you want to have it to take care of your own needs and wants while you’re alive. You will also need to have enough to pay for professional home care if necessary. Speaking of insurance...

3. You must have medical insurance. If you’ve got money to spare, get some above and beyond your company policy, which will most likely end with your retirement, and by then you may be too old to buy personal medical insurance. A single major hospital stint can wipe out a chunk of your retirement fund if you’re not covered. In line with that, do everything you can to stay healthy. Exercise, eat well, don’t stress yourself out—and make it easier to care for yourself in the future.

4. Nurture relationships with friends in the same boat. No, I don’t mean you stop talking to friends who are attached, married or parenting, but your core group should be people with the same concerns and priorities—and believe me, that’s not a problem nowadays. It makes it easier to relate to the same issues, whether you’re feeling good over a career high or bad about being ignored by a favorite niece (like I said, you’re optional).

5. Get your personal network in place. That covers everything from knowing where to go for some counseling to having friends all over the place and a favorite getaway here and abroad that you feel comfortable visiting alone, to shops and services that you can patronize and develop a relationship with.

All that being said, it’s important to remember to live your life in the meantime and not stress too much about your future. Save, but treat yourself when there’s a windfall, because being single means, yes, you can spend the money in the spa instead of on a new pair of youngster’s school shoes (horrors). And if you do have a generous younger relative who repeatedly insists that he/she will take care of you in your old age, be gracious and accept the offer for the blessing it is—but don’t go giving everything you own to charity just yet. After all, for the single soon-to-be senior, the “power of one” takes on a whole new meaning.

So for those who are still single either looking or just waiting for their time to come, don't despair, if it is meant to happen, no matter what you do, he/she will come :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Had dinner at Carlos Pizza! Ordered potato wedges with bacon and cheese, regular quattro formaggi, buffalo chicken.

Potato wedges are crunchy, complements well with the bacon and cheese; the pizza is delicious too. Crust so crunchy and taste is not overwhelming. It's nice to put some olive oil with chili (warning: its super HOT so be careful); the chicken? well, like I told Mikoy, i shouldn't be asked when chicken is involved I might be biased :)

Ambience is nice. Very cozy. Well at least for me. Sad to say not so many customers to think it is a weekend and it is located in Malate.

Nakakainis lang un girl-staff who assisted us in parking, pinauspg kami ng pinausog and making a sign like 'an inch forward' adik! Then when we're about to leave, I noticed a car at the back of Mikoy's car parked so near us, like (you are correct) 'an inch' near us.

me: pano naman kaming makakalabas niyan sa tingin mo?
staff: ma'm ipausog ko ho ba?
me: sige please (but wanted to tell her 'malamang!')


Saturday, October 17, 2009

sa LRT

Halos tatlong taon akong araw araw sumasakay ng LRT noong college ako. Siksikan na rin at karamihan sa tren ay walang aircon, kaya naman pagkatapos ng 13 stations ay para ka talagang nag station of the cross sa pawis.

Neto lang, nakakapanibago na ang mga tren na aircon at mukha ng mabango. Sa totoo lang, kung hindi sya puno (tulad ng nasa litrato), ay mas maganda at malinis pa sya sa Metro ng Roma.

Nami miss ko lan yung pipe-in music. Dati kasi e parang gusto kang mabingi ng management ng LRT (o baka naman wake up call nila yun sa mga pasahero). Favorite ko yung kantang 'Downtown' (actually yun lang naaalala kong tinutugtog e hehhe).

i got blew back!

After a week, nailabas na rin ng hospital si blew. Na injured kasi sya ni PapaJo kaya dinala ko sya kay Erbularyong Elo para matapalan ang mga sugat nya. Sa awa ng Diyos ay mga peklat na sya. Pero ganun daw talga kasi basa pa ang sugat. Magpapantay din daw yon. Hayyy


Nang nakaskas si Blew sa Edsa paliko ng Trinoma, wala man lang akong naramdaman. Siguro kasi natuto na akong mag-let go. Noong baha kasi habang tumataas ng tubig, niyakap at sinabihan ko na lang sya ng "sorry, wala na akong magagawa". Akala ko hindi na sya aandar pag hupa ng tubig. Nako, nabuti na lang at hindi inabot ang baga nya.

Pero ganun ganun lang pala. Sa suma tutal, gamit lang yan na pwedeng mawala at palitan. Hindi end of the world kung mawala ang isang bagay sa iyo. Nakakalungkot pero kung hindi tayo magiging attached sa mga material na bagay, iikot pa rin ang mundo.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Bon Appetit!

Just got home from watching Julia and Julia movie at RP. I so love Meryl Streep, she's so adorable!
Amy Adams is cute too, she's into blogging too (well in the movie)

There are witty remarks, their hubbies are so supportive (love it!), but what's more enjoyable? The woman on our left who kept on giggling and laughing -- during those scenes that were not really funny, you know what I mean? Parang praning, kung kelan halos lahat natatawa siya naman ang di tumatawa. Adik!

I love the movie cause it involves cooking. Am probably a frustrated chef or I was a mermaid chef in my past life hahaha! I always watch cooking shows on cable - Travel and Living.

Anyway, will not spoil this by telling you the details of the movie, just watch it.

Julie & Julia

Wednesday, October 14, 2009



Starting today, we are posting on this site. Hope to see you more of you here.




Dreamt of finding 2 necklaces in a car. I recognized one but the other necklace? Nah. But it was nice. I was conscious while dreaming, seems I am wide awake but my eyes were close. I thought to myself, 'what was the meaning of those necklaces?' Probably I'll be able to find a lost necklace or I'll be able to find that something I was looking for.When I woke up, I looked for the meaning of it in my Dictionary of Dreams. Found this:

Jewellery/Jewels - In a dream, jewellery and precious stones are likely to suymbolize the things you value most in life. These could include your own talents or creative abilities, those whom you love, or even abstract qualities such as courage, determination or fair-mindedness. Dreaming of finding jewels or treasure suggests your desire to achieve or produce something worthwhile. In this case, the dream could be compensating for your sense of frustration or lack of productivity in a current job or hobby.

Well, they all makes sense to me. Before I went to sleep I was thinking of so many things and it probably manifested in my dream.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Long overdue post

Neighbor do you miss this place? This is our favorite hang-out in the office hahaha. Alala ko pa dati nagsasabihan pa tayo na ‘neighbor don’t come to the cr, will make P.’ haha.

That is your ‘place’ in the LT (lunch table) Diyan ka umuupo na para kang siga minsan. Yung upo mo na parang tamad na tamad ka or busog na busog ka after eating. Hehe.

Eto naman ang view natin sa windows natin. Dito natin nakikita kung may dumarating na ang mga dementors hahaha. At dito ka na rin namin sinisilip ni Ann. Sabi nga namin dati sa iyo pumanik ka sa rooftop ng building niyo at magsiga ka para malaman namin kung nasaang building ka tapos sigawan ka namin from here hahaha.

This is your workplace minus the other kalat’s na dahil nag-impake ka na huhuhu.

at calai's cube. i don't remember why you are luka-luka here. neighbor what are you doing here ba? are you trying to make 'magic' on calai's roses?

Here’s mine naman. Neighbor is on my left.

The glass door in front is the entrance to our floor. The one on the right is one of our server rooms.

Here’s our floor from my cube to wee’s cube in the end (left)

On my 3rd

This is Cayangan Lake in Coron, Palawan and we are going there next month. Yahuu!!

I’m going back someday, come what may to Palawan..’

Hahaha. I know I know its corny. But I am just so excited for this trip. I love Palawan so much. I don’t know why but it seems this place hugged me and loved me dearly that it made me want to go back—again, and again, and again. This is going to be my 3rd time in Palawan. The first time was in 2001 I think but we just stayed in Puerto Princesa. Last visit, I was with my officemates, one of my memorable out of town trips kasi madami kami that time. Sobra ang adventure! Went to El Nido. This time, we’re going to Coron. We already booked our trip a week after my mom’s birthday. Yey!

Need to clean my snorkel set :) Will make a check list 2 weeks before departure hehe.

We’ll stay here:

Orphan the movie

Recently while blog hopping, I’ve read a review of this movie: ORPHAN. This was shown several months back, I wanted to watch this one but since Mikoy is not fond of ‘horror’ movies, forgot all about it. Okay so when I read the blogger’s review on this film, the more I got interested to watched it and it didn’t fail to impress me. It isn’t actually a horror movie, it a suspense-thriller! I so love the plot.

Kate (Vera Farmiga) and John Coleman (Peter Sarsgaard) are experiencing strains in their marriage after Kate's third child was stillborn. The loss is particularly hard on Kate, who is still recovering from a drinking habit that cost her her job. While visiting the local orphanage, they decide to adopt Esther (Isabelle Fuhrman), a 9-year-old Russian girl. While Kate and John's daughter Max (Aryana Engineer), who is deaf and communicates with sign language, embraces Esther almost immediately, their son Daniel (Jimmy Bennett) is somewhat less welcoming.

At dinner Daniel is mad and annoyed at Esther even saying "she's not my f***ing sister."

Kate grows suspicious when Esther, who watched Kate and John have sex, expresses far more knowledge of sex and its slang than would be expected for a child her age. Not long after Esther arrives, she pushes a schoolmate who had picked on her off a playground slide, breaking her ankle. Max saw Esther shove the girl, but covers for Esther by saying that the girl slipped. However, Kate is further alarmed when Sister Abigail (CCH Pounder), the head of the orphanage, warns her and John about Esther's tendency to be around when things go wrong. Esther overhears this and later kills Sister Abigail with a hammer to the head. She forces Max to help her hide the body and the hammer. Daniel sees Esther and Max descending from his treehouse from behind a rock, not knowing they hid the hammer there. Later that night, Esther threatens Daniel with genital mutilation if he tells anyone what he saw, causing Daniel to wet himself in fear.

[read more:]

You’ll be surprised of who the orphan really was. Max, the youngest deaf child is so cute. Esther, the orphan really played her character well.

Do watch it.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

a little urbanidad please

Hindi kami nakatira sa isang exclusive na subdivision pero hindi rin naman sa skwater.  napailing na lang ako ng makita ko to:

sampayan sa gitna ng daan!  akala mo fiesta e!

OK, granted na nagpapatuyo sila ng damit o gamit dahil nga binaha kami, pero dapat bang sakupin ang buong kalsada? wow! kelan pa kaya nila nabili yun?!! Pwede namang sa gilid sila mag set-up ng sampay nila no.

Sila ang kapitbahay namin na ewan ko ba, walang pakialam sa kapitbahay nila.  Sila iyong nag videoke na walang humpay.  Understandable kung halimbawa ay pasko or may birthday, pero minsan every month.  mag sisimula ng 5pm minsan umaabot ng 10am the next day!  hindi nila inisip na may gustong matulog! at kung sana magaganda ang boses nila! kaya nga ba maraming namamatay sa "my way" e tsk tsk.  Anyway, iniintindi na lang namin, babalik din naman sa kanila yung ginagawa nila (at napatunayan na namin ito).

eto pa isa:

kagabi sa starbucks sa petron, a group of 4 na walang humpay sa paninigarilyo.  wala man lang nakaisip kumuha ng ashtray.  ano kaya mga nasa utak nila? abo? makes you think, ano ang itsura ng bahay nila? ganoong din kakalat? kawawa sila na walang magulang na nagturo sa kanila.  at wala sa apat na sumaway sa isat isa.  tsk tsk  birds of the same feathers, make a good feather duster talga.

sana naman magkaroon ng urbanidad ang mga filipino.  kaya nga ba BF ako eh! iboto si BF sa ikauunlad ng filipino!!!

after ondoy, parang fiesta ang mga nagkalat ng plastic na nakasabit na wari mo ay banderitas.  eto ang mga plastic na itinapon natin.

hear ye! hear ye!


Our contract with this site is until 14 October 2009 only.  If we will not renew, you can find us here at our new home:

The site is still bare, we're still in the process of transferring chuvas.  So, pls continue visiting our blog.

Thank you fans!

sam and mikoy


Read this at Yahoo!

Huwat?!?! My Smart Car as the No. 1 worst car!!!!

I'm so shocked hehehe.  Well, kahit na best worst car pa sya, The Smart Car is still my dream car hehehhe

I soooo love this car! engggggg

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What's cooking?

Well, I just learned that fruit salad should be an oven! hahahaha... But of course...only at CAFE WORLD -- Facebook!

We're addicts!

I was hesitant to play it before but I got hooked!

Here's a comparison of CW and Restaurant City:

Employees never get tired on Cafe World. As long as there is food in the counter, they will continue serving at the same speed. You don’t need to feed your employees.  Yipee!  Employees’ health in RC must be monitored. Employees get tired as time goes by and must be fed from time to time. Geez.

Foods on RC never run out. Just select the menu and the chef will continue the cooking as long as they live. hahaha. On the other hand, foods on CW are counted. If you run out of foods, you will not earn anymore even if you left your restaurant open that is because each recipe on Cafe World have cooking duration which you have to monitor because your food will get spoiled or overcooked if it exceeds the duration on the stove. Kaya nga nagbabantayan kami ng foods ni Mikoy at baka mapanis hahaha.

There’s a food counter on Cafe World where the cooked food are placed. On Restaurant City, the foods are served immediately to the table.

Unlike Restaurant City, there’s no trading of ingredients on Cafe World. New recipes are unlocked everytime you level up.

The other day on our way home:

me: anong oras na My?

mom: magse 7, bakit?

me: naku maluluto na iyong sinalang ko

mom: san ka nagluto sa bahay?

me: hindi, sa cafe world. sa facebook!

mom: gaga!


Their similarity? They are both time wasters. bwahaha.

pasko air

nararamdaman ko na ang siberian wind.  malamig na malagkit na malungkot. wala lang.
testing love u babe~!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

My Farm Pals

So eto ngayon ang nilalaro ko sa Facebook.  Madali lang kasi, steal lang ng steal sa neighbors.

Nakakatawa yung dalawang 'friend' ni Sammie.  Since ginagamit ko rin yung account ni sam para mag laro, nag- steal din ako sa farms ng friends nya .  Aba, nagagalit ang  dalawang hitad ng frends, pinagsabihan ako.  sabi pa ' can i pls try hard not to steal', hahhaha. adik din to, e kasama kaya sa game yun!

Kaya nung hindi ako tumigil, e binura si sam sa friends list nya.  pati yung jowa nya binura si sam. nako bagay nga kayo hahahaha hindi kayo marunong sumunod sa mechanics ng isang virtual game.  seryosohin ba!  go play with yourselves dudettes! wahahhah

Thursday, October 1, 2009

tik-a-tik (wala akong maipamagat --mikoy)

Don't expect too much from this post, nothing so extraordinary with this one. I'm just so sleepy. Wasn't able to sleep well. Will not go into details on this hahaba lang...Hard to explain in short.


Will wait for the decision of some friends before finalizing the trip this November. Hopefully they can come. It will be fun if they will join us. Besides this will be our first time to go out of town together...


Last week I told mom about X, I mean not the X-x thing but referring to someone and called this person X. Told her about it since she was asking for it for quite some time, didn't go into details though but I believed she understood where I'm coming from since she knew how I felt with the former X's (again not the X-x thingy)

Let me whine, complain, be 'on stage', be inconsiderate for the time being because I do have enough reasons for being like this--I also have the right to cry and to be hurt too, you know? Inconsiderate? Hmm. Let's not deal with that. Hahaba lang itong post na ito.

I am not pissed off. I am just whining for so many reasons. Give me some credit. I do not have enough energy/time to mind insignificant matters that would affect my life, love and friends. There's so much to do.


On my way here, I was contemplating--on gadgets. haha. I have my E71 mobile, another Nokia mobile for the other sim, a netbook. I miss Pinky (my 80G Ipod Vid I sold last year for a DS Lite) Now after 3 months of playing with DSLite, sold it in GH together with my old mobile. I want an Itouch. My camera can wait.


Last night, Mikoy and I were watching Take Home Chef on Travel and Living. The guy will propose to his gf of 2yrs and Jamie (the cutie chef) was excited.  I was watching then Mikoy asked:

Mikoy: sinagot ba?

Me: oo weird naman kung hindi.

Mikoy: oo on television pa. eh pano kung ako nag-propose?

Me: hmmm I’ll think about it. Maybe.

Mikoy: gaga.



(MIKOY: gaga ka talga haha)