Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lovelife ver1

One cousin got married yesterday, a close friend is getting married soon. My lola's are asking me when will I get married. As I always say, 'haven't found my groom yet..' Then they will tell me, that I shouldn't rush, that I should be careful in looking for one. If I could only tell them that I am in a relationship right now - the problem is that it is not what they expected him/her to be. 

One time, I was telling Mikoy about Wee getting married,

mikoy: nape-pressure ka na ba beb?
me: huh? para kang sira bakit naman ako mape-pressure? di naman kita pine-pressure beb ah di ba?

Well told Mikoy that I am not expecting too much from this relationship. I do appreciate all the things my partner is giving me, all the love and all. "Marriage is not an option for us" I guess. For some maybe. But for me? If ever, we will be together for a long time, I will not demand for us to be married not because I don't love Mikoy. I do, very much. It's just that it is not legal here and even if we go outside of the country in the future, I don't think Mikoy will think of it as an option. My view on this is that we or I can "commit" myself to my partner even if we'll not get married. 

Pretty Woman is one of my all-time favorite. Here's one of my favorite quotes in the movie:

Vivian: When I was a little girl, my mama used to lock me in the attic when I was bad, which was pretty often. And I would- I would pretend I was a princess... trapped in a tower by a wicked queen. And then suddenly this knight... on a white horse with these colors flying would come charging up and draw his sword. And I would wave. And he would climb up the tower and rescue me. But never in all the time... that I had this dream did the knight say to me, "Come on, baby, I'll put you up in a great condo." 

I cried when Edward Lewis (Richard Gere) came to Vivian's apartment, climbed on the fire exit stairs to see Vivian. To think that he is afraid of heights. Connection? Nothing. I just like the idea of it. LOVED actually that one guy, or a certain someone will do magical things for you. Just like in fairy tales. I've always, always wanted to be a princess. Maybe not everyone knows (even Mikoy) that when I was little, I've dreamt of living inside a castle, being married to my prince charming. When I got older, I've wished for a wedding in a beatiful chapel/church in Spain (ung tipong makaluma talaga) even with just my family and some friends with me and my groom. Not until I got involved in this kind of relationships. 

I did not regret or I am not having regrets right now, being with Mikoy. I love you. I told you that I've always asked God for His blessings. I know some people may not understand what we have but do I have to explain to everyone why I fell in love with you and not with someone else, a guy for that matter? I don't have to do that. I cannot teach my heart whom to love and not to love. 

Good thing about us is that we don't pressure ourselves on things. We just go with the flow. Yes, we do have our fights, petty quarrels but at the end of the day, we still love each other. We're still together. 

I may still wish to be married and have babies in the future but if it is not meant, what can I do? I may envy those people who got their childhood dreams but I'm sure they don't have everything. Nothing's perfect. I may sound a lil bitter but honestly I'm not. I'm just saying that I live for NOW. I will not worry much for TOMORROW. I'll just go with the FLOW. Live each day at a TIME.

Now is my Mikoy. I live for Mikoy now. We may have our tampuhans and topaks but I still love you and will always love matter what.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


want to have slim(y?) legs?

SLIMITY socks are now available at your favorite Japan Home store for only P88.

slimity?!?! anong word yun? imbento! hahahhah

Monday, January 25, 2010

On Love

When do we say STOP? When do we say I Love You NO MORE? When do you say you need some space?

These are some of the questions that goes into our minds or someone's mind when they're going through some rough times in a relationship. We all have different answers, views and opinions on this, depending on how stable you are in a relationship. Or how you love this person.

For some, they will still hold on until they were able to patch things up. Others usually call it quits and never give second chances. Some people usually find a "kapalit" even when they're still on it.

You see, we cannot question nor even think of bad things with these people because at the end of the day, even if we bombard them with pieces of advice, if they still feel holding on to their partners, still feel that they should be "martyrs" and insensitive of others, it will not matter.

Love as you can see is very complicated. Just like you and me....(i mean the people not US hehe)

I have some friends who are experiencing some of this dilemma. Mahirap makialam, mahirap magsalita unless they will asked you for some advice.

Basta ako kasi I've learned something from my past relationship. It's not all about love. You may still love the person but not as intense as before. You should not stay in a relationship because of pity. You should not stay in a relationship because of peer pressure nor family's pressure. You should not stay in a relationship for the sake of.... That would be unfair not just for the person but with yourself too. Also, we should not tell people that you are OK when you are not. Why can't you just be yourself and be true to others?

Mahirap kasi magpa-asa ng tao. Mahirap maging mapaglaro sa feelings ng iba.

Mahirap ding maging rason ang pagmamahal para lang mag-stay ka dahil hindi sa lahat ng oras iyon ang magiging sagot sa mga problema niyo.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

BBQ buffet!

Taken last 23Dec. [tama ba happs?] Basta nagkaayaan lang bigla mag bbq sabi namin parang Christmas Party namin hahaha.. Nagkakalokohan pa nga na tumawag muna sa venue (sa kabilang kanto near the office) at baka kailangan ng reservation ahahaah...

We frequent this place lalo na kapag nag crave for isaw and barbeque..YUM!!!

venue: HoneyBunch Food Place
time: around 4pm - 5pm
what: buffet!
who: cheers, happy, majo and I

Fiesta 2010

tita and the food:)

US with the lion

dda, noe, happy, cheers, moi, erika

dda, kathy, happy, cheers, mi, rey and linc

Sorry guys for posting late :) Nabusog ba kayo? hehe... Next year ulit ha?

sana next time kasama na si Mikoy ko :(

I'm CAM-minnnnggg!!!!

Yey I'm so excited! M will bring this home in 2 months time! I asked her to buy this for me...oooppss mommy will pay her. It's just cheaper when we ordered online. This is a post Christmas gift from mommy! :)

I wanted an SLR but due to budget constraints, settled for this one which is not bad, right? :)
M informed me that my new baby arrived earlier this week :)

Mommy Techie!

This was taken today, just after lunch. Deza asked me if she could play PSP, I said yes. Then momm sat beside her.

mom: ano bang mga laro diyan deza?
deza: madami.
klang: ay tita merong circus charlie diyan
mom: dez turuan mo naman ako. pano ba iyan?
deza: o sige.

tapos nagtuturuan na nga..nagtatawanan kasi namamatay si mommy.

ang circus charlie lang ang isa sa mga favorites ni mommy paglaruan. dati gusto niya rin sa family computer iyong Penguin Adventure. Nung nauso din ang Tetris naloko din siya, pati si Tatay. Makikita mong tig-isa sila ng corner at nakataas pa ang mga paa :)

Going back, kita mo nung una nagpapaturo lang. Tapos siya na ang may hawak, nakahiga pa!


happy 22nd sweetie... love you!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Solar Eclipse

The news said that this is the longest solar eclipse in the century. This is the longest annular solar eclipse of the millennium and the longest until December 23, 3043, with a maximum length of 11 mins and 7.8 seconds. (The solar eclipse of January 4, 1992 was longer, at 11 minutes, 41 seconds, occuring in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.)
A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the Sun and the Earth so that the Sun is partially covered. This can only happen during a new moon, when the Sun and Moon are in conjunction as seen from the Earth.

Ticket to a night of laughter

AVENUE Q is definitely BACK IN MANILA!!

So, what is Avenue Q?

The play is about a guy named Princeton, search for a place to live in New York city, armed with only a tiny bank account and a desperate effort to find his purpose in this world, Princeton ends up in the only neighborhood he can afford --- Avenue Q. have to watch the play hehe.

Avenue Q is the Tony Award-winning story that reminds us that to get from point A to point B, we simply must weave through the hodgepodge called life (and steer clear of the Bad Idea Bears!)
Enjoy a musical and colorful slice of life on March 21, 2010, 8:00pm at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Plaza!Buy your tickets now for Avenue Q Manila: P1,500, P1,300, P1,000, P800 and P600.
0917 850 2025
0906 3673569
216 5145

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Viva Sto Nino!

no of people flocking their way to touch Nino for the last time

Nino with the other little Nino's :)

before the mass

Mass started late, almost 9PM already and was officiated by Fr. Benjie. Supposedly, it should be Fr. Eric Santos but backed out (or was probably engaged in another engagement)

Twas fun because many people attended the said mass. I just stayed in our terrace, mom, tita and Tatay stayed downstairs.

Fiesta na sa Sunday!! I'm not sure if we will attend the procession this coming Saturday (Sunday na pala ng madaling araw) Usually Saturday night inaayos na namin yung carriage at bumibili na si Kagawad ng flowers sa Dangwa. Then gising kami ng 345AM to attend the procession. Will go to Sto Nino Parish Church para sumama sa iba pa. Iikot sa buong vicinity na sakop ng Fiesta but di na namin tinatapos. Kapag napadaan ulit sa street namin umuuwi na kami to prepare for other things. Di na nga kami natutulog ni Tito noon or nap sandali then tayo na ulit. Syempre mga last minute linis.

Binigay ko na ang invitation ko last week sa mga officemates ko at excited na nga sila lalo na sina Linc at Rey :) Si Happy at Majo first time makakapunta sa amin. Absent si Happy lagi kasi natataon na Anniversary ng parents niya ang date ng Fiesta kaya laging pass. But this time maaga kaya masaya :) Excited ako ipakita sa kanya yung violet aquarium ko :)

See you on Sunday guys!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Heart, I'm so proud of you!!! hahahaha! Shocks I don't have the guts to do this... but you inspired me. Malay mo isang araw magkaroon ako ng lakas ng loob gawin ang ginawa niyo :)

Watch this: MOCALABS


Allan K

Ate Gay, Kim Idol (from Eat Bulaga) and Dax Martin

o ha?! sexy di ba at ang ganda?! anong panama ni Ate Gay ahaha..

Ate Gay, Angel (in bikini!) and Dax Martin (na sobrang funny din at galiing kumanta)

Last night, Mikoy and I went to Klownz. Well, we're after Vice Ganda but unfortunately wala siya. Katuwa nga yung convo ko with the guard sa Punchline.

Mikoy: babe baba ka muna tanong mo kung andiyan si Vice Ganda kung wala sa Klownz na lang tayo.
Me: *approached the guard* manong dito po si Vice?
guard: opo
me: ah so andito siya ngayon?
guard: opo naka-schedule pero may nagtext (one of vice's famous line in showtime) na hindi makakarating
me: ahhh ok po salamat.

hahahaha. praning rin.

So no choice, went to Klownz instead and no regrets naman cuz we e enjoyed it. May bago akong crush!!!! Si ANGEL! Pramis s/he's SUPER SUPER GANDA and SEXY!!! The whole night talaga amazed na amazed ako sa kanya. Nahihiya nga lang ako pakuha sa kanya nung nasa kabilang table siya eh pero grabe tuwa ako talaga sa kanya.

kamias anyone?


kung cherry o ubas ka lang sana... ang daming bunga, im thinking of making kamias jam (masarap kaya yon?) kaya lang d ako marunong magluto, o kaya kamias soap (pampaputi daw)

hmmm any suggestions?

from mistress

Got this bday cake from mistress and frend... from estrels

parang lemon chiffon cake sya na hindi masyadong matamis. masarap naman, inperness

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Bangin ka ba
Kasi nahuhulog na ako sau
Unggoy ka ba
Kasi sumasabit ka sa puso ko
Pustiso ka ba
Kasi you know i can’t smile without you
Pagod na pagod na ako
Maghapon ka na kasing tumatakbo sa isipan ko
Kasi naman kasi eh….
Mahal kita ahhh hhh
Bagay tayong dalawa
Pa picture nga
Ahh hhh
para mapadevelop kita
hindi tayo tao hindi rin tayo hayop
bagay tayo
bagay talaga...
papupulis kita
(kasi) ninakaw mo ang puso ko
naman kasi
kuto ka ba kasi
palagi ka sa ulo ko
naman kasi
apoy ka ba kasi
alab alab i love you
magsalbabida ka nga
kasi baka
malunod ka sa pag-ibig ko
kasi naman kasi
mahal kita
ahh hhh
kamukha mo si papa p
papa p't dingdong
p,papa p., papa p't dingdong
p,papa p., papa p't dingdong
exam ka ba kasi
sasagutin kita agad
agad naman kasi
drugs ka ba kasi
kaka adik ka kasi
kasi naman kasi
kulangot ka ba kasi
you're really really hard to get
posporo ka ba
e di posporo na rin ako
para match
kasi naman kasi mahal kita
ahh hhh
pustiso ka nga kasi
i really, really can't smile without you

** i'm soo cheap na (thanks to mikoy) pinarinig niya sa akin itong album na ito ng balahura natuwa naman ako inpernes hahaha.. tapos pinahiram sa akin ni mikoy
ang cd para daw di ko na kinakabisado ang mga quotes nila na ilalagay ko sa FB status ko hahaha. so after i ripped (naks ripped) the cd i shared it na sa mga friends ko dito sa office. kinarir ko din ang lyrics. sabi ni mikoy i should have scanned it na lang daw para di na ako napagod. sabi ko eh di hindi ko niteyk personally naks (advertising) hahaha.

aminado naman ako dati ayaw ko sila pinapakinggan kasi naman ang tawa ni nicole kakairita eh eventually i fell in love na rin sa boses nila..naka naman! hahaha.
eto ang ilan sa mga nakakalurkei na quotes:

- magbiro ka na sa lasing pati na sa bagong gising huwag lang sa bading na naagawan ng booking
- aanhin mo pa ang relo kung ibibigay ko naman sa iyo ang lahat ng oras ko (yihii swet)
- aanhin mo pa ang taong maganda kung pumapangit naman pag katabi ko na
- aanhin ang ganda kung wala ka namang papa

o di ba bongga?!

sagot daw sila sa Mass Starvation... bakit? kasi kapag ang tao tawa ng tawa, kapag tawa ng tawa kakabagan ka, kapag may kabag ka busog ka na...limot mo na ang gutom mo hahahaha.


if i know, gusto mo talga sila, nag iinarte ka lang hahhaha

Monday, January 4, 2010

birthday gifts to myself

zebra pen (L= approx 4", diameter = 3mm)

i also used to have their mechanical pencil, same size. they always get lost (coz of the size)

just wanted to have a chair like this

sabi ni sammie ang cheap ko daw heheh. well, simple lan kasi ako at mababaw ang kaligayahan.


yesterday, went to trinoma to check out this colantotte bracelet that i want. hmmm, it's pricey at 10K, and didn't think it's practical (especially that my fone is just worth 1500 hehhe)

ka birthday ko si Sir Isaac Newton!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Heypi Berdey!!!

hehehe nakaganti din ako sau babe (sa picture haha)

serious na...

To my everdearest Mikoy,

I wonder if you have any idea how many lives you touch (kasama na ang manyakis touch hehe). You're probably not even aware that people have been inspired and hearts have been uplifted (including mine naks) because of you. I'm not talking about the big, showy things that get written up in newspapers or make the six o' clock news. I'm talking about the little everyday things you do so easily, like a compliment when someone is feeling down, a word of praise and sincere touches that validate somebody's dream (eto charot ko na lang ito pampaganda lang ng sinasabi haha) and a smile that seems to say ' everything's gonna be okay.'

I just have to laugh when I think of some of the crazy things we've done together - and they wouldn't have been half the fun with anyone else. I love to look back at those times and to all the moments spent with you...even the tough times that we helped each other through. I wouldn't trade even one of those memories for anything in the world, because they're so much part of my life.... and SO ARE YOU.

HAPPY (happy) BIRTHDAY, babe! I love you!!

OPtions Jr. Gimmick!

Went out with my High School barkada tonight. Weng(the one in pink) is home for a month, she's from Canada. Dine out at Omakase then had desserts at Banapple. Twas so much fun being with you guys, hope to see more of you. Katuwa kapag nagre-reminisce tayo ng mga kalokohans before, pambabalahura natin sa ibang classmates at teachers natin :))

Weng, thanks for sharing that "part" of you with us. At least alam mo IKAW ang mas maganda sa "kanya." hehehe.