Tuesday, August 31, 2010



C'mon 9 come to mama ;)

nice pose hihi


behave ka dun ha? huhuhu di bale ilang araw lang naman iyun...

...basta don't forget to.... ENJOY!

and of course your pasalubong for your one and only princess :)

Monday, August 30, 2010

breakfast at coffee bean

three saturday nights na, we've been sleeping sa bgc. we usually have bfast sa mcdo, but last sunday morning sa coffee bean kami.

mudra had eggs ben(-edict cguro to) at brek-o-day for me and brother. it's pricey (P229 yata each), sabi nga ni bogee e egg mcmuffin lang yon heheh. well, mahal siguro kasi nakalagay sa babasaging pinggan. it comes with brewed coffee or tea (syet i chose earl grey at i swear lasang tinapa sya! hahhah)

anyways, maganda ang ambiance kasi sa labas puro porsche ang nakaparada. sabi ko nga kay mudra dun kami sa labas para al fresco, europa ang feeling, kaso ayaw nya kasi gusto ng aircon heheh

it is becoming a nice habit ;)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How to botch a hostage drama?

whats happening to our country? very pathetic. what? with the recent tragedy, a policeman killing tourists who are here for a holiday? hk already declared that it is unsafe to visit and travel our country. bad eh. but can we blame these people? of course no. it is already a given that crimes not just like this are rampant in the city. people, including us are no longer safe to walk on streets. mom often kids us 'when in doubt...ask the police' this time i will not follow what mom says.

i actually don't want to read the newspapers nor to read updates on the net, nanli-liit ako sa totoo lang. it is understandable too that there is a travel ban in the country. need not say no more. our heart goes to all those affected families, those innocent tourists. sigh. you can't think of words to describe how painful it is to see the news last night. so terrible.

where did it go wrong?

SWAT is short for Special Weapons and Tactics Team. WTF? The abbreviation should be changed to Sugod.Wait.Atras.Tago or Shit.We're.All.Tepok or Shit.We're.All.Tanga!

Special Weapons? Alin yung nagiisang sledgehammer na ginagamit pangbasag ng salamin?
Tactics? Ang padaanin ang halos 45mins to get into the bus at para masira ang salamin ng bus?? Shit. They are all badly prepared and risky as the news said. They do not have special training and obviously lacked the adequate equipments and tactical competence.

Way to go team! Hurray! F*c*!

Tsk. Tsk. A pleasure trip that ended in a bloodshed.Too bad for Tourism. Too bad for the Philippines.


Planet Mars will be the brightest in the night sky starting August. It will look as large as the full moon to the naked eye. This will cultivate on Aug. 27 when Mars comes within 34.65M miles off earth. Be sure to watch the sky on Aug. 27 12:30 am. It will look like the earth has 2 moons.
The next time Mars may come this close is in 2287.

I like staring at the moon and the stars when I have the chance to do it although I couldn't see that much here in the city. The last time I looked at the bright stars was when I was in Palawan, when we're on our way to El Nido. I started staring at it and I got hooked. Didn't notice that one of my friends noticed me then we started talking. Told her that how I wish that 'my certain someone' was looking at that same bright star I was seeing right at that moment.

We're wishing on the same star, wishing on the same moon....

Thursday, August 19, 2010

am excited na for tokyo trip next month. we got our visas last week (it only took 1 day!). tinakot pa kami ni yoko the travel agent, saying we might encounter problems with our passports (discrepancy in my name, my mom has parang cut sa picture).

so was surprised when i followed-up and she said it's ready for pick-up. kaltukan ko kaya tong hello kitty na to heheh.

will be in japan for a week lang. no time to make pasyal really, except maybe early in the morning or late at night. i plan on going sana sa disneyland, kahit pa picture lang ako sa harapan hahaha. haven't been to any disney, lahat kaming magkakapatid... bakit kaya? weird lang talaga kami ehhehe. well naisip ko lang pumunta sana dito kasi i heard pangga said na natawa sya sa sarili nya to be running to catch mickey mouse-- sa tanda na nyang yon hehehe. gusto kong malaman kung ganun din ang epek ni mickey sa ken (kung magiging instant fan ako) and to see kung singkit ang mickey ng hapon. hapon din kaya ang salita nya?

as prep, i am:

1. trying to lose weight - para kumasya sa isusuot ko
2. learning how to use chopsticks - para makakain
3. sam is teaching me 3 jap words, and i can't seem to memorize them (nag shut down na yata utak ko)
4. searching the net for places to visit (sana lang mapuntahan ko!)

so kaya pala kami andun is for a show. here are samples of our product... sana makakita kami ng buyer

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Monday, August 9, 2010


We watched CATS the musical at the CCP last Saturday.

We were seated at the Balcony II (topmost part), and since I have an imagined acrophobia, i thought i would not enjoy the show (well, partly i didn't and it's not because of that heheh).

The performances was great -- the singing and dancing, and of course Lea was awesome! What a MEMORY! Sadly, the story isn't. I think it needs to connect more with the audience, make them a 'part' of the play. Good thing some actors, like 'rockstar' and the 'sirkera' adlib-ed (via body language), and elicited some reactions from the audience.

verdict: 6 out of 10 ngiyawsss

do not buy the disposable binoculars that they are selling (lest u want to have migraine)
i do not know the cats' names
i snoozed two times
i clapped for their performances (twas really GALING!)
i wanted to give them a standing O, but my fear of heights prevented me

Finally bought a netbook!

Hehe tagal ko na pinag isipan (katas ng bpi stocks eto). napadaan kami sa gigahertz, and saw this samsung netbook. reasonably-priced at may free dvd writer na. was contemplating... pero dahil may free pouch bag, binili ko na rin (i'm so cheapy!)

Well, i'm going to be needing this na rin kasi, esp pag punta ko sa Hapon, para may communication kami ni sam. also, yung mga jurassic pc namin ay malapit ng mag retire (lagi na rin kasing sira e)

Pedal Power

Bought a bike two weeks ago, but haven't got the chance to really use it (as i'm busy with my cafe, the tokyo show and opkors sammie). i just go around the subdivision for 30mins usually at night ( i can't get up at 5!).

Well, here's the power bike my tatay has been tinkering with. It's supposed to generate power, and it's working! It's just that for now, it has only worked for AC stuffs (those that are de-baterya). It needs an 'inverter' to convert the AC power to DC (we're still working on the budget).

Hope to use this as back-up, to save on electricity bills now that meralco has increased its chargessss. Cool no!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Black Widow

This is Jeanette Lee aka "Black Widow." Used to watch her game when I was young with daddy. My father is a sports enthusiast and probably got my athletic prowess (hehe) in him.

JL (just like my initials :) ) is vey cool when playing, Like her sexy outfits as well hihi (di ko nga lang magaya) Like her chinky eyes, quite intimidating. I do have chinita eyes also but not the one like JL.

My boss spearheaded a 9Ball Tourney which started last Thursday. As of last week, we already have 32 players! Shell out a little for this but its worth it.

I played last Thursday. Was scared (yes I do get scared naman kahit minsan alam kong dehado ako sa kalaban ko) "There is a game only when you can play" kasi di naman priority ito. Last Thursday isa lang akong babae (parang kaladkarin lang eh noh haha) at kalaban ko OJT naming guy. Sabi niya he doesn't play. My boss texted me that morning 'baka magpatalo ka pa kay Gerong eh KKK -kayang kaya ang kalaban' Told him na even though he doesn't play don't want to feel complacent and so confident because..'rule number 1: wag maging kampante dahil may tinatawag tayong swerte at tyamba.' Ayun nung start ng laro namin medyo kinakabahan ako kasi I wanted to win that game so I can still play next time. 2-0 na eh race to 3 lang so sabi ko sa sarili ko have to focus na talaga. Ayun nahabol ko naman and ahem I won! :)

When my boss emailed us the details of the game with the players, told him to change my alias from 'Django' to 'Black Widow' because that is my alias eversince. Sabi niya 'sige ipanalo mo laban mo tonight.' Oh well, when I got an email the next day updating the winners, he changed it to black widow na. yipee!

Tuwa naman mga officemates ko kahit yung isang manager sa Operations dahil ineexpect nilang mananalo ako, meaning they believed in me (blush blush haha lantod!) Pero glad na nanalo nga ako. Thank God!