Sunday, November 20, 2011

Wow Effects of Labuyo

Siling Labuyo a.k.a. Capsicum Frutescens

Oh wow! I've been 'taking' 3-4 pcs of siling labuyo the last 8 days and wow again-- I am just so alive!!! wahahhha

Grabe the effect!  Woke up at 5am yesterday, worked 630am-2pm, drove from 3pm til 7pm.
today -- woke up at 7am, drove 3-4 hrs and im still alive ahhahaha

Here are the other benefits copied from other websites:

  • Red chillies are very high in Vitamin C and pro Vitamin A.
  • Chili peppers rates high in the content of Vitamin B, especially Vitamin B6.
  • Chilies are a high storehouse in potassium, magnesium and iron, while they are low in sodium content.
  • They are also high in protein content, and an excellent source of fiber.
  • Chilies are known to prevent the formation of blood clots, and have the property to break down existing clots.
  • The consumption of chillies triggers the release of ‘feel good’ endorphins, which result the ‘good’ attitude towards general well being.
  • The use of chillies in the diet increases the breakdown of carbohydrates during rest periods.
  • It also contributes in the reduction of obesity as it increases metabolism and helps to burn the calories faster, including the burning of fats.
  • Chillies lower the risk of diabetes, and scientific research has shown that regular intake of chillies could improve insulin control by over 55%.
  • Eating chillies is known to help in alleviating pain in arthritis as it helps to reduce the inflammation.
  • Chillies help in easing the nasal congestion conditions, and are thus effective as a cure for sinus. This is because the ‘hotness’ in the chillies help to dislodge the mucus layer lining the nasal cavity.
So ang obvious effects on me now are: i don't get tired, i'm not that sleepy, i'm almost high ahhahaa, i think i breathe differently-- like my nose is so clear widout any kulangot watsoeber!

kaya mag chili na!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Monday, October 31, 2011

random thoughts

I miss blogging. I mean to really write, in a different way. Inspiration eludes me. Is it? Or is it just me?

I hope I have a special nook like Carrie in SATC, where she has a view of what… a building infront of her apartment or a little view of the city? Anyhow, I want to have that same kind of corner, but I want mine with a tree or a lake as my view. That’s nice, don’t you think? Me blogging while having coffee and listening to Norah Jones all at the same time. Hmm, I likey.
I am stressed. No I am burned out. I am tired. I feel sick. But I am happy :)
Weird that I have been feeling these all at the same time but I do. Burned out from work. Happy because of my relationships – with my family, friends, colleagues, most especially with my relationship with Stine.

I know I have not been very expressive with my feelings towards Mikoy but I do express it in words, through poems which I have been doing for several times now. Two in a row, imagine?! Probably, that is what I should be doing. Whenever I have things in mind, I should put it into writing agad so it won’t slip my mind.

Ours is not perfect but we try to keep it together. That’s what people in love should do di ba?
I had a busy day today. Drove to MOA then headed to Star City where we became kids again J It was tiring  but so much fun.

But, missed my Stinie today :)

Mahal Kita

mahal kita
alam mo ba?
sana maniwala ka
sa sinambit ng aking dila.

tignan mo aking mga mata
hindi dahil sa ako'y may muta
sa mata mo daw kasi makikita
totoong nilalaman ng puso. ok ba?

mahirap pala
minsang ipakita
lalo't nasaktan ka na
at puno ng pangamba.

huwag kang magalala
sasamahan kita
saan ka man magpunta
kahit madapa ka pa

ramdam mo na ba?
mahal na mahal kita
sasabihin ko pa ba?
ngayon alam mo na.

-for my mikoy

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

That's All That Matters

Its been awhile
Since my heart felt something like this
The first time I laid my eyes on you
It quickly sent butterflies on my stomach.

Your almond eyes
Those cute eyes with so many emotions
Makes my heart beats so fast
The moment it starts staring at me.

The first time your lips touched mine
It felt magical
Brings a shiver down my spine
And lactated my own being.

Those emotions I felt were premature
As days passed by it grew high like the giant sequioa tree
Exaggerated it may seem
But all true

It seems imaginable
Feeling something like this
Though not the first time
But this somehow is intense

I can think of a gazillion words
To describe how I feel
But after several years of being together
I still cannot think of a word that will explain it.

That's all that matters
Today, Tomorrow
And Forever.

~For my MIKOY

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Recently talked to a friend. We were exchanging stories and then she told me something about jealousy. The funny thing was this person is not her partner. A close friend let’s say. Apparently, this friend sort of texting her blah-blah’s and my friend was like ‘duh, why are you acting that way?!’ to make the long story short, the friend of my friend seems jealous of the attention my friend is giving her “new apple of the eye.” I was smiling the whole time we were talking because I remembered something like that happened to me years ago :)

It is okay to be jealous at times. It comes out naturally, you cannot control it. The more you control it, the more it wants to get out from your system. We encounter people like this – they being jealous of the “new” people in our midst. They do act “foolishly” because they cannot figure out the true reason why they are acting that way that is why it contradicts to their statement. Probably too proud to even admit to themselves that they’re jealous because the “space” and “attention” being given to them was “shared” to the other person.

I guess that is also a classic sign that somehow the friend of my friend became somehow “emotionally dependent” on my friend. That is not bad, I think. That will only become a problem when the person acts differently instead of admitting the emotion and dealing with it. In their case, I was teasing my friend, told her that her friend is probably confused why she is feeling that way. If she realizes that friends feel that way too once in awhile and that’s not a taboo, she will understand. I was teasing her because the friend might have developed deeper feelings for her :)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Two E-COM Center Tower B

by 2Q of 2012, this will be our new office - Two E-COM Center Tower B (the one on the right) in Mall of Asia :)

Quite excited for this. I know there will be adjustments and it will not be easy I know. But Change is inevitable. Change is most of the time good :)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pedring Pedring!

What have you done, Pedring?

view from the front house of Mikoy

view from a street near where i work (Taft Ave. corner Malvar)

- just imagine kung ano ang nilusong ko nung umuwi ako na baha. so eewww di ba?!

along Roxas Blvd.

at Roxas Blvd. - nasira ang mga tiles

this is at RP Ermita, walang natira sa white na bubong!

Paggising ko kahapon I went downstairs pa thinking na baka papasok pa si mommy pero kung ako lang ayaw ko na takot ako sa hangin na sobrang lakas tsaka alam ko nga na kahit ganun ang ulan na di gaanong kalakasan eh magbabaha sa office na at dahil brownout sa amin malamang brownout din sa office (mainit kahit may generator di kaya lahat ng aircon!) AT kako malamang na may network problem iyon. I texted my boss na I won't be able to make it. He replied naman na its ok then at around 10AM he texted me not to go na talaga since may network problem nga.

Nagkaroon ng electricity at around 5PM na so the first thing we did was to charge our mobile phones!

Watched the news and it was heartbreaking to see again people affected by Pedring :( sina beb nga binaha din, sinabayan pa kasi ng high tide kaya malaki talaga tubig eh. wawa naman nadulas pa sa hagdan laki tuloy ng pasa :( next time beb huwag ka masyado shunga shunga hehe joke lang loveyou!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sale kung Sale!

This is the scene from SnR at Fort Bonifacio. Exagg! Pero I was not surprised since I saw this kind of scene in Macapagal. But I was just surprised because most of these people who were patiently lining up are rich! Can't they buy these stuff during ordinary days? Siguro naman di ba?

Hindi tuloy kami nakaikot, gusto ko pa naman ng Cheetos at Pringles haha.

The hotdog and chix baked rolls that we bought nga take out na lang, we're supposed to eat it in the car since madaming tao sa loob but decided to take it home na lang nga kasi late na rin and irritating yung site (hehe arte)

Lesson: Never visit SnR during a sale! Not unless gusto nating mainis dahil sa haba ng pila at dami ng tao haha.

Friday, September 16, 2011

it comes in 3's!

was so0000000 happy yesterday...

was craving for green mango/bagoong the other day then yesterday i asked one of our janitors to buy me one at RP. kasi masarap yung bagoong nila guisado talaga and a lil spicy. asked her to buy 2 at naubos ko yun in no time! hahaha!

eto pa.... akala ko yun lang ang makakapagpasaya sa akin..hinde..

i was surprised to see my baby in the parking area! we weren't supposed to see each other kasi she needs to fetch her nanay and bro in Makati pero may last minute changes so she decided to surprise me na lang. yihiii tuwa ako! nung paglabas ko ng building namin parang nabungaran ko ung car niya but taka ako kasi nga di naman kami dapat magkikita so sa likod ako dumaan to check the plate number hahaha. mabuti na yung sure noh baka mamaya di pala siya bigla akong pumasok sa kotse sabihin pick up girl ako hahaha. thank you babe pogi mo kahapon bagong gupit hihihi.

eto pa ang isa...finally nakakain uli ako ng balot ni manang sa Washington :) dapat kasi nung huling kita namin kaso biglang umulan eh mahirap abutan dun kasi nagbabaha baka mastranded lang kami,

talagang it comes in three's ano? this time di bad luck kundi full of happiness ang nangyari and THANK GOD for those :)

i love you mikoy! :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

To kill or Not to kill!

Plan: to kill my fishes!

Mikoy: beb bumili nanay isda tas nganak sa plastic. Andami pero 3 na lang buhay nahihingalo pa. dun lan sila sa baba ng pond na brain damage na yata :( sayang dami dead 8
Me: hahahhahaaha na brain damage. Siguro naisip nila na mamamatay din sila sa kamay ng mga halimaw mo kaya nagsuicide na lang.
Mikoy: ansama sama moooooooooooooooo ingget ka langgggggggggggg busetttttttttttttttttt
Me: hahahahahahahahahahahaa hintay ko na lang maded mga pises ko then hihingi na ako sau :p
Mikoy: papalagyan ko betsen kay cutey wahahaha
Mikoy: fr cutey > sus bakit imemercy killing ko pa. bakit di ko na lang ihulog mula sa terrace namen habang padaan ang trak ng basura. Tepok un mga un. Hahhahaa
Me: ah ganun ah paluluwa ko manok na kinain niya kagabi!
Mikoy: yak suka na un
Me: sending text to cutey > parang may nabalitaan ako sa bubwit ko…may nangyayaring pagpaplanong pagtumba sa mga isda ko!
Cutey: HAHAHHAHAHAA mali ang asset mo. Haha. Pinapaluto nga niya eh. Haha. Ate, hanggang matulog ako tawang tawa ako sa paniki joke mo. Hahaha. Kaw naisip ko hhaa. May naglike na kabatch ko, ******* natawa ko lalo kc maitim un na maliit. Hahaha
Me: hahahahahahahahahaha love your own kumbaga. lech kaibigan ni mikoy nagsend nun (pero infer nga di naman niya alam na negra tawag niyo sa akin kaya biniro ko na lang kagabi na tinutukso niya ba ako?) hahaha.
Cutey: hahaha natawa ako sa leche. Hahahaha. Maitim ka talaga! Hahhahaha.paniki! hahhahaa!

I love my sister kahit na abnormal ding katulad ni Mikoy..kaya siguro magkasundo sila hahahaha..

The Planner

The Accomplice

Friday, September 9, 2011

Many faces

dahil walang magawa.....

Sweet Bella

4 cheese pizza - Fontina, Mozzarella, Blue Cheese and Parmesan :)

Philly Cheesesteak - Thin slices of USDA beef, caramelized onion, melted American cheese on steak bun. (requested not to put onions though cuz I don't like it.) But instead they put roasted red and yellow capsicums :)

Place is very nice, love the hot pink couches although Mikoy said that the couch is so comfy it makes you uncomfortable hehe. Looks too "lazy" that you'd rather think of lying than to eat haha.

Their desserts are too fancy to eat (not a bad thing I'm just saying) and I think its too expensive!

Sweet Bella

Burgos Circle, Rizal Drive,

Global CityTaguig City, Metro Manila

(02) 844-8244


What is Kansi? It is the Ilonggo version of our Tagalog bulalo. The sweet and sour soup cooked over slow fire for hours so the meat becomes extra soft and melts in your mouth.

we didn't order this one. scary! haha!

just this one.. the laman..

and also tried their inihaw na pork liempo and bbq.

I like their bulalo (although not really a fan) because its not peppery hehe. i don't like foods wherein it is very obvious that they've put pepper :)

The place is hmm nothing fancy, it's not even airconditioned but its presko. I think people like it kasi dami ng tao before we left (we're going to attend a dinner party hahaha)

Patpat's Kansi

Kamagong cor. Sampaloc St.

San Antonio Vill.Makati, Metro Manila

(02) 890-6179

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Zombadings: Patayin sa shokot si Remington

Havey na havey si Remington!

Gora na sa mga sinehan at panoorin ang mga dyoding :)


I miss those times when I can write decent posts. I mean, those stuff that is not "nonsense." Well if I remember it right, i was writing those posts during my  "bum" days. Does it mean that now that I am busy with other things, I cannot write a decent post anymore? Probably. I have so many things in my mind right now and I don't know how to express it in words that may satisfy your expectations on me or on this blog (argh as if i have many readers haha)

I prefer taking the jeepney when going home, if Mikoy will not fetch me in the office. I like the longer trip (compared to when I'm taking the lrt) I have all the time to people watch (and schedenfreud-ing haha) I sometimes look at people (at times I often catch myself staring at them unconsciously) and wonder how their days went, how they live their lives and wonder why that girl/boy picked that boy/girl to be their partners haha, etc.

At times, i do roll my eyes when I encounter people like these:

a. mahina ang mga boses kapag nagaabot ng bayad or papara - hello! tapos maiinis kayo sa driver kapag lumagpas kayo sa dapat niyong babaan? minsan kala mo katabi lang ang driver kung magsalita eh minsan asa may bandang estribo sila?!

b. ang mga drivers na akala mo F1 car drivers sa sobrang bilis magpatakbo - naranasan niyo na bang iilan lang kayo sa jeep, mabilis magpatakbo si manong drayber tapos biglang hihinto? pasalamat ka kung nakahawak ka dahil kung hindi baka kung nakaupo ka sa malapit sa drayber eh bigla kang mapupunta sa may estribo!

c. mga lalaking akala mo kalalaki ng mga "b" sa sobrang pagkabukaka! ang sikip-sikip na nga sa loob at walang mga pakialam kung sakaling may nahihirapan sa kanilang pagkakaupo dahil nasakop na ng mga hita nila ang upuan. hay naku ka-insensitive!

d. ang mga magdyowang akala mo nasa motel! kulang na lang humiga si babae minsan dahil sobrang makasandal kay lalaki, syempre gustong-gusto naman ni lalaki (nakakachansing syempre) - mga walang mga pakialam sa mundo, naman! do that somewhere else and don't make other people feel uncomfortable dahil sa mga kinikilos ninyo, magkaroon naman kayo ng konting hiya at respeto sa mga kasakay niyo kahit hindi ninyo sila kilala.

e. mga magkakasamang kung magusap at magtawanan akala mo nasa park lang. ang lalakas ng mga boses at kung tumawa parang wala ng bukas!

f. meron akong nakasakay na magiina minsan. ang bibig ni mader grabe, parang gusto kong buhusan ng clorox para luminis. mura ng mura sa mga anak na makukulit!

g. ang mga babaeng mahahaba ang buhok pero walang pakialam sa mga katabi kung nakakain na ang buhok nila dahil sumasabay sa ihip ng hangin.  malalaman mo na nga kung anong shampoo at conditioner ang ginamit eh haha.

h. mga lalaking nananadya atang mag-chancing dahil minsan parang kulang na lang sadyain na bungguin ang harapan mo or sobrang makadikit ng mga hita sa hita mo. 

i. yung mga nagtatapon ng mga pinagkainan or basura nila sa daan. minsan nga mga estudyante pa gumagawa noon eh. nalulungkot akong isipin na itong mga simpleng bagay na ito na paulit-ulit sinasabi sa atin sa school, sa tv, radyo at dyaryo na iwasan ang pagkakalat dahil nagiging sanhi ng baha. hindi nila naiisip na sa mga simpleng bagay na iyon nagsisimula ang malaking bagay tulad ng nangyari sa Ondoy. Naniniwala ako na isang dahilan ay ang maliliit na basurang itinatapon ng mga tao sa daan. :(

This list will go on and on and on. So you see, its good sometimes to observe and learn from it :)  Minsan nga mapapailing ka na lang or hindi mo maiiwasang hindi mapangiti kahit nasa loob ka ng jeep kapag may bigla kang naalala or nakitang nakakatuwa. Sa pagsakay ko din sa jeep nari-realize ang mga bagay bagay sa paligid ko :)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Freshwater Fishing Village

After Abe's Farm, decided to check on this place since it was also recommended by one of the stafsof of the spa in AF. Rumaraket din daw kasi siya dun hehe.

As soon as you enter the area, parang walang tao, dali nga naming nakapasok eh tuloy tuloy lang kami hanggang sa area ng fishing kaya siguro sinundan kami kasi akala magnanakaw kami haha. The owner, Mrs. Bing Feliciano was very nice to talk things out with us regarding her "lupain" and she was so accommodating.  Sabi niya the place was just opened to the public last March although for reservation yung gamit ng pool and they are not yet ready for people to stay there overnite. Naisipan lang niya i-share ang place with the others kasi their children and grandchildren doesn't visit that much na and she realized the place has potential naman daw so she got the place renovated ng paunti-unti. Mikoy shared some insights on how she wanted their place in Pampanga to look too. 

I got so excited when I catched my first fish!!! 

Mikoy: o yan natuloy na yung isa sa pangarap mo
Me: yeah, thanks baby!

Really, it was one of those wishes na gusto ko. yung manghuhuli ka ng sarili mong isda then cook it afterwards. wow! mas ok din sana kung ako mismo naglinis ng isda (oh yes, i know how to) then i'll grill it then eat it with kamatis. yum!

After all this, parang feeling ko amoy bukid na ako, yung amoy grass? haha. Biruin mo naman after ng farm na puro damo din ang paligid, sa fishing village naman. 

But I really enjoyed that weekend kahit overnite lang kami ni babe. Spent some quality time na bihira naming magawa :)

Babe, yung beach ko? :(


If you want to visit the place you may contact:

Owned by: Mrs. Bing Feliciano
Brgy. Ayala, Magalang Pampanga
Weekends, 9am-6pm
Weekdays (by appointment)
0917-521 2464 / 0917- 624 8905 / 0949-172 9175

Friday, September 2, 2011

Abe's Farm

Went to Abe's Farm last weekend (Aug27-28) We stayed there overnite lang (buti nga ganun lang kasi there are not much to do there unless you really want some quiet time or a writer that needs to write a novel)  It was raining hard (bipolar nga sabi ko kasi uulan then titigil, then uulan ulit) 

We stayed in one of the Ifugao Huts (they have 3) Cute! hehe... it was airconditioned but it has a fan di lang namin nakita ang switch haha. no tv. not much signal. no wifi. kaya boring haha (balony!) they have complimentary coffee and miineral water naman, may tissue din haha. Each hut has a separate CR (kaya nakakainis bakit yung katabi namin eh nakiCR sa amin? well nahuli namin kasi yung isa-hmft weren't they informed that may sarili silang CR?!) anyway, since naka-separate ang cr hassle na when you feel like you want to pee in the middle of the night, lalabas ka pa (bababa kasi elevated) and it was raining all night so katamad talaga. nahiya na lang ako manggising one time because sarap ng tulog ng kasama ko samantalang ako hindi dalawin ng antok dahil sa ingay ng mga palaka, kuliglig at aircon haha. as in inggit na inggit ako dahil himbing ng tulog ni babe!

aga namin gumising well siya kasi maaga talaga nagigising ang matanda :p joke only mikoy! we took a bath na then headed for the main hall to have our breakfast. sarap nga eh! i had danggit, mikoy had longganiza hamonado (sort of like a tocino hehe) the night before pala we had early dinner, i ate fish din (haha magagalit na sa akin mga kalahi ko talaga) tapos merong mangga with bagoong, babe ordered adobo spareribs (didn't like it kasi maalat na matamis na hindi ko maintindihan) 

we weren't able to swim as planned, kasi nga umuulan ng malakas. naisip kong maligo kaya kami sa ulan na lang tutal haven't done that for a long time kaso natakot ako na paglabas namin sa field eh may matapakan kaming mga froggy hehe. 

all the staff at the farm were very warm and approachable compared to Rona Borromeo! she was not so accommodating at all, parang ayaw niya makipagusap sa customers nila. when i called her up (their page said that all queries and reservations should pass through Rona) the first time i talked to her, i felt like she was interested to take any calls at that time. when i told mikoy about it she said that baka i was just being exaggerated or siguro am being the usual mataray pero when we dropped by at Bistro Remedios to pay our DP i was sure that i convinced babe i wasn't kidding about this biatch. when Rona arrived (after we waited for 20mins) imagine this, the resto was not crowded, no let me rephrase that, walang tao kami lang. we were sitted on the right side of the door so pagpasok niya, parang kung sino siyang maangas na nagtanong sa head waiter (let me commend the head waiter, who was very nice kahit nung nakausap ko siya sa phone, buti pa siya!) "sinong naghahanap sa akin?" tumaas ang kilay ko pero i tried my best to smile when she approached us. she didn't apologize for letting us wait, she didn't even offered her hand to give us a handshake, didn't even bother to smile, parang naistorbo namin siya for whatever it is that she was doing. when i told Ms Evelyn (the manager at the Farm about this she said that it was not the first time) so imagine? kung hindi niya type ang trabaho niya eh di magresign na siya di ba? or ask her boss na she doesn't want to be talking to customers, taking reservations and answering queries. we frequent their group of restaurants and we will not stop eating there just because of Rona but i hope the Management will try to evaluate her and do something about it (which reminds me i have to write a formal complaint letter for her hmft)

anyways, when we checked out before lunchtime of 28Aug, we decided to drop by at Fishing Village which is adjacent to the village lang. next post....


Monday, August 15, 2011


Found this app so cute :)