Friday, March 11, 2011

When boredom hits you

Just recently, I decided to sign up a friend to as they say the best dating site on earth (is there a site on Mars?) It's a free site that hosts lots of quizzes, so if anyone you know finds you have an account there, you have a perfectly non-embarrassing reason for it ;)

I know that AA will not take it against me (as I told another colleague I am doing her a favor actually since she doesn't have time for this but she really wants to have a relationship) Well, the fact that she wanted to join speed dating before is a hint for me that this idea is not at all bad.

Told one friend first about it and she was excited too. So I made sure that AA's profile and pictures are good. Although didn't give the real personal email of AA BUT made another email just for this so technically I am telling the truth ;)

The next day there were messages already on the "made-up" email and I got so excited. Told these 2 girls about it and got negative reactions :S They said that I should tell AA the truth and that they are afraid the guys might like me instead of AA as I am the one answering emails, personal messages and chat.

I got mad because I thought they're supporting me in this, however, I understand their point that they are just protecting AA. I am too! I didn't do this without me thinking of AA's reputation or reaction. So to make the long story short, I invited AA to our conference room and confided about what I did. As expected, she understood and thanked me that I thought of that for her. She said she trusted me and that she was excited about it. The 2 girls apologized the next day realizing that they somehow overreacted. All's well that ends well :)

Personally, I don't really mind signing up for sites like this if I really wanted to meet someone. You will just hesitate at first because of the repercussions but come to think of it, it's up to you how you'll manage yourself in this. You'll be the one to sense if it is a good match or not.

I do believe in destiny and soulmates but these doesn't come to everybody.

Hapee Berdey to me!

Celebrated my birthday a day earlier since it will fall on a weekend. Birthday greetings on FB and SMS are overflowing and I'm overwhelmed :)

Prepared a simple merienda in the office (04Mar) and they liked it naman - pansit puti, turronitos, pork bbq, ice cream and the special cupcakes mikoy sent me :)

The "gang" went to YingYing that night and had assorted dimsum. sooooo full! Then headed to SB near the area to have some coffee and para matuloy ang kwentuhan. Di na nila hinintay na mag 12 para they can greet me kasi I know they're all tired na rin. Pagdating sa house di naman din ako nakatulog agad dahil my sister made "kulit" hehe and of course we opened my gifts :)

The next morning,I was awakened by the door buzzer, my inaanak. She gave me M's gift for me - a box of Cheese Pringles and a mini bonggagious surprise ;) hihi. Thanks tita M and dad!

Then I asked my family to have lunch in YingYing (again) Tito and Tatay went home afterwards and didn't join us anymore in RP. Watched a movie, a lil shopping and bonding equals FUN!

So enjoyed my special day very much!!! The next day was my date with Mikoy :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

BKK Day 2

Chatuchak day namin today. Wala naman kaming masyadong napamili kasi unang-una wala sa plano namin ang mag shopping kundi puro gala at kain lang hehe.

Naghiwa-hiwalay kami ng lakad dahil may kanya-kanyang titignan. Mikoy and I looked for the bracelet for my mom and plants for her mom.

We took the subway paguwi! Galing ang token nila parang laruan lang hehe. At syempre dahil sa hindi namin alam na malayo pala ang station na bababaan namin sa area ng hotel namin, naglakad kami ulit. Asked one Thai kung san may bus stop na malapit.

Thai: 2
US: 2 kms?
Thai: 2 kilos

Haha. Praning din iyon. Ibig niyang sabihin 2kilos mawawala sa amin sa paglalakad papuntang bus stop!

In all fairness to us, madaming lbs ang na lose namin noh! Simula pa nung day 1 namin. Pero yun nga lang nababawi din sa kinakain namin haha.

Nung nakarating kami sa hotel namin nagpahinga sandali then labas ulit kami. Since naglilihi si babe ng BnR we went to Platinum. :)

BKK again :)

We (Mikoy and I, Mel, Angel and Kweet) in BKK last Feb17-21. Twas Angel's first trip out of the country and glad that he enjoyed it :)

Before having our buffet breakfast, had our photoshoot muna haha, kulitan then kumain na. Sinimulan na namin ang mahabaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanng paglalakbay (literally) kasi layo ng nilakad namin. On the way kumain ng grilled longganiza and grilled pork. Masarap naman di ba 'gel and kweet? haha. kasi ba naman nung papasok kami ng temple biglang sinubo ang buong longga eh ang init-init. Baka daw bawal sa loob haha. Ayun pinawisan ng bongga ng dahil napaso.

Visited Ocean World pero di kami pumasok mahal haha. Nagpakuha na lang kami ng picture sa mga mascots. Had our lunch there. Madaming choices di namin nakita iyung iba. Napansin na lang nung pumasok kami ng grocery at dun nakitikim ng mga free taste na pagkain haha.

Tinuloy ang paglalakad. Mineet si Kuya Angel na pinsan nila Mikoy sa MBK. Kumuha ng mga coupons na free kaya nakalibre ng kape sa starbucks. Well kahit maliit lang keri pa rin aba libre un noh?!

Headed to Wat Pho temple at nakadenggoy ng THB50 dahil di naman namin alam na dapat pala magbayad noh?! wala namang naningil sa amin haha. Nasubukang magbus after mapagod magikot sa temple at take note LIBRE ang bus na nasakyan namin! I don't know why pero sinabi sa amin ng napagtanungan sumakay lang kami sa bus #60 ata yun eh walang kunduktor ayun libre hehe swerte.

Nagpahinga sandali sa hotel at nagwash up then bumalik sa Central World to meet the other cousins of Mikoy, dinner treat sa amin. Ate at Sukishi (parang YAKIMIX) dito sa atin. Yum! Di daw nabusog si Kweet at Mikoy parang keribels lang daw haha. Nagstay muna sa labas ng mall dahil may event. Big Buddha day nila (holiday) Sayang nga at bawal daw mag beer gusto ko pa naman sanang tikman ang masarap daw nilang SINGHA. Pero natikman ko naman the night after (thanks to my babe pinayagan akong tikman)

Day 2...