Monday, August 15, 2011


Found this app so cute :)

steakin at hotel celeste

Babe purchased another buffet treat from one of the groupons that we are a member of. This one is good.. the Angus steak is so tender, you can ask the chef to cook it for you if you want it well done or medium well. They have a variety of sauces that will go with your steak, i prefer the white sauce, the one with mushroom. Don't like the pepper sauce (not fond of pepper)

After dinner, one of the hotel's staff offered that if we'd like to see their rooms, they'll be glad to show it to us :) wow naman talaga! the rooms are nice but a bit pricey i think! pero all rooms have different themes so each room is unique :)

we went to the roofdeck and they have a bar there. Hotel Celeste is just 4 floors. found out from the bellboy that there is an agreement between San Lorenzo Village that all hotels or any buildings that will be build near SLV should only be 4 floors.. if i remember it right huh? basta di puwedeng mataas.

mini kitchen in one of the suites

all rooms have iPod docks and lcd tv

the mini couch in the suite

the bed in the suite

the bed in their deluxe room




angus steak! yum!

For more info on Hotel Celeste you can visit their website:

Monday, August 8, 2011


To you…

I wanted to let this out although I don’t even know if I’ll be able to get the message across right.

I have a feeling not just now but even before that you don’t seem to like me. Not sure if am just being OA but are you being true to me when you’re in front of me or just pretending? I was told that you are just like that. But why do I have these doubts? At one point I felt that you are sizing me up? Why is that?

I’m quite confused. Who are you really?

Everytime I am in a relationship, I see to it that I make friends not just to the family (if possible) but to friends as well. I try very hard to be uber nice to them. They may find me “suplada” or “mataray” but that’s just me, being my silly self, and the straight-forward opinionated lady. More often than not, these people and I do get along. When I feel that some people doesn’t like me, I try (still) to be civil when I’m with them for the sake of the partner, not only because I was asked to but I wanted to.

Why am I writing this? It is because I felt low; felt I am not being treated fairly because the mere fact that I am being nice to you, you still give me that feeling of being left out. The worst part of it is that your partner doesn’t seem to notice that I am hurting already. I thought I could shrug this off just like other times but it came out naturally – that you felt like crying like a baby but you don’t want others to know because you might be misunderstood and be told you are being OA.
But this is me, a mentos lady at times – hard on the outside but soft on the inside. I do CRY. I do get HURT too. And right now, I am both.

From the looks of it, nothing will change on your part, you will still be you and I will still be me. The only difference is that I am sensitive enough to feel that something is wrong in what you call “friendship” or if you may even consider me as one of your friends.

From now on, I will not ask anything about the person or anything about your relationship so it will not come to you as I am still mad or anything just because I was asking. Honestly? I don’t care if I won’t be able to get to know who that person is. I perfectly understand why and I know where I stand. I do respect that.

But I have one favor… please be true, ‘cause I am.