Sunday, November 20, 2011

Wow Effects of Labuyo

Siling Labuyo a.k.a. Capsicum Frutescens

Oh wow! I've been 'taking' 3-4 pcs of siling labuyo the last 8 days and wow again-- I am just so alive!!! wahahhha

Grabe the effect!  Woke up at 5am yesterday, worked 630am-2pm, drove from 3pm til 7pm.
today -- woke up at 7am, drove 3-4 hrs and im still alive ahhahaha

Here are the other benefits copied from other websites:

  • Red chillies are very high in Vitamin C and pro Vitamin A.
  • Chili peppers rates high in the content of Vitamin B, especially Vitamin B6.
  • Chilies are a high storehouse in potassium, magnesium and iron, while they are low in sodium content.
  • They are also high in protein content, and an excellent source of fiber.
  • Chilies are known to prevent the formation of blood clots, and have the property to break down existing clots.
  • The consumption of chillies triggers the release of ‘feel good’ endorphins, which result the ‘good’ attitude towards general well being.
  • The use of chillies in the diet increases the breakdown of carbohydrates during rest periods.
  • It also contributes in the reduction of obesity as it increases metabolism and helps to burn the calories faster, including the burning of fats.
  • Chillies lower the risk of diabetes, and scientific research has shown that regular intake of chillies could improve insulin control by over 55%.
  • Eating chillies is known to help in alleviating pain in arthritis as it helps to reduce the inflammation.
  • Chillies help in easing the nasal congestion conditions, and are thus effective as a cure for sinus. This is because the ‘hotness’ in the chillies help to dislodge the mucus layer lining the nasal cavity.
So ang obvious effects on me now are: i don't get tired, i'm not that sleepy, i'm almost high ahhahaa, i think i breathe differently-- like my nose is so clear widout any kulangot watsoeber!

kaya mag chili na!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011