Thursday, May 3, 2012

mixed emotions

mixed emotions

have you ever had that feeling when all you wanted was to just sit in one corner because everything is chaotic and nothing seems right? i wanted to do just that. right now. at this very moment. here. 

everywhere around me is chaos. inside and out. i can hardly listen to what im saying.

is that normal? yes? don't you think?

yeah i guess. that's pretty normal, right?

i am pretty emotional. sensitive. opinionated. but these things comprises the real me. at times i get to feel all of them at the same time. but when i keep quiet and shrug everything with a snap of a finger? you should be worried. bothered. i am not like that you see? when i'm silent, something's really wrong. either i am hurt, disappointed, so angry but couldn't let it out and chose to keep it inside, or other issues. am probably feeling all of those at the same time. am not so sure.

am so cluttered.