Sunday, November 17, 2013


Testing...from the grave :-)

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I rose from the grave :-)

I am trying this android app and wow now I can blog anytime from my phone. Nice!

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Beijing Chronicles

First visa sticker on my passport! Destination - Beijing, China!


it was not easy preparing the docs as you need an ADB of not lower than P100, 000.00 on your account for at least 6months-one year which you will present to the Embassy through a Bank Certificate. 

BTW, we got this trip via Metrodeal promo which only costs P2, 600.00 (includes 4D/3N accommodation and the tours) Great huh! We also got our airfare around P6, 000.00 :)

ok so much for that... pictures!!

On our first day, we dropped by the supermarket first near our hotel.


These were taken at the Great Wall of China

hindi na kami nagpakapagod panikin at lumakad ng malayo since pare-pareho lang naman - matarik na steps! haha. sabi nga ng friend namin who's into photography, nasa tamang angle at pose lang yan to capture the beauty of your surroundings :) tama naman siya hehe.

i was surprised with this picture (taken by Carla) we just had our KFC dinner i think then kuwentuhan muna before going to sleep. Carla eats in our room :)
These were taken i think at the Herbal store na they will give a talk then a group of people (doctors and staff) will come in to the room to give you a foot massage then the doctor (na may katabing mga interpreters) will tell you of your 'sickness' they will lead you to another room where they will discuss them all to you then tell you that you need to purchase different kinds of chinese medicines (not really herbs but medicines which you don't really know and couldn't read because they're all written in Chinese) buti na lang an officemate of mine warned me not to buy those expensive stuff for safety purposes. eh yung isang kasama namin bumili despite our warning. 

 maka-emote naman ito!


 sample lunch

HALO- HALO pictures :)

 frozen lake