Wednesday, January 23, 2013

we're such fools haha

Stinie's Sweet Surprise

From day 1, Stine always tell me that she has a "quota," she said she'll day at age 40. OK.

When we became a couple I told myself that I'll give her a party since she said, she never had a party her whole life! What a pity haha! Why? I only stopped having a party when I graduated in College :)

Ok, so early November, I was thinking of what to give her. I'm not focused much on what to give her on Christmas since we had an agreement that there will be no gifts on Christmas since we're saving our money for our Beijing trip this February. But couldn't resist so I bought something for her. Then January is getting near and still haven't thought of something for her.

I thought of calling one of her close friends, T. I told her my plan and good thing, she was on it. I asked her and M if they could help me with my surprise for babe. Emailed both of them my plan of action and T said she'll handle their other friends. 

So i checked on "affordable" hotels/condotels near Ortigas since it's more feasible to everyone. A colleague suggested to get The Exchange Regency Residence Hotel in Ortigas. I booked one 2 bedroom suite so everybody will be comfy and we'll have a spacious room for that night. Called Amber to have our food delivered before 7pm and then went to the grocery to buy some stuff. After that I got excited!

T's plan was to tell everyone that it was their Post Xmas Party (actually that was a great alibi!) Stine told me about it and I was like, 'ahh okay, so when is this?' 'Jan 5' she said. She even kidded that she doesn't want to go since her friends might ask her to treat them elsewhere since its the day after her natal day. hahaha.

Days before that event, she said that she might see me coming out from a huge cake on that day as my surprise. I just said 'eeww so cheap!hahaha' She was fishing! One time, she saw an envelope inside my bag (but she didn't see the pictures inside whew) and I immediately grabbed it. She sort of concluded that it was for her (yeah you're right babe but you don't have any idea on what's gonna happen next :) 

Jan 05 - went to the hotel earlier and waited for T and M to come. I asked them to come early too so they could help me prepare the room with balloons, post the pictures on the wall and the banners. Food came in as scheduled, their friends came in as early as they could. Stine was actually late because she got lost! But that's a good thing because she came in just few minutes after one of their friends arrived. whew!

The plan was lights will be turned off, and they will be waiting inside (all were holding balloons and T with the popper) and I will hide inside the room with the cake. My cue when to get out was when they stopped singing 'happy birthday' 

When I heard they stopped singing, went out and Stine was surprised to see me there :)

To make the long story short, it was a success! Thanks to all her friends because I won't be able to pull that off if it weren't for them especially to T and M! Thanks guys and thank you for embracing me in the group :)

Happy birthday, babe! i love you! Glad you loved my "gift" :)

BEAT THAT! hahaha!

this is so dead

I noticed, I haven’t been blogging since…? I am just posting pictures on IG, FB and putting food reviews on other social networking sites. So what happened? 

Became busy?


Too much ideas?

I don’t know. I just stopped. Once in a while I blog just like today. I almost forgot my username and pw! Right now, I let those pictures tell its own story.