Thursday, February 13, 2014

Miracle 3D Art in Lucky China Town

The Mind Museum

We meet again, City of Pines!

This was taken last November 2013. Went out with some friends. Stayed there only for the weekend. 

Food trip, gala, kwentuhan, nagbukuhan, nasiraan sa daan twice... but that was part of the adventure!

Supposedly, we'll be back before this month ends but I don't think it will push through since one friend is not available. Maybe next time when the schedule permits :)

Mines View Park (tried strawberry taho and picture-taking with the St Bernard), The Mansion, The Manor, Forrest House (Michael Angelo - the sanzrival like cake was a blockbuster!), Cafe by the Ruins (na may kumalabit pa sa akin while we're waiting for our food!), then there's Marios... 

I was thankful for this trip, it was indeed memorable. I may not forget what happened before but 'you, my friend' actually healed my 'wound.' 

Heng Keng 2013

Visited HKG again last September 18-21, 2013. Was with mommy & my sister Carmz. Brother wasn't able to come with us because there's conflict with his schedule in school. Oh well..

This vacation was soooo tiring but I am not complaining (even if it sounds like I was tehee) It was all walk, walk, walk and walk.... and walk.. haha! But hey we're in Heng Keng!  

Had fun at the Peak and the Madam Tussaud's Wax Museum. May mga bloopers siyempre si mother haha. Mommy - the official photo bomber!

Visited the happiest place on earth again... I'll never get tired of going there, i wanted to visit ALL Disneyland actually :) I don't know, the child in me always gets a hold of me when I'm in this kind of place :)

Until then, HK! ;)

*sana lang hindi mapatupad talaga 'yung may visa na pati ang mga ordinary Phil. passport holders. *

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


This blog is totally dead.. boo!

Blame IG, FB and Twitter.

Sorry for neglecting you bloggie love but don't worry I will try my very best to at least blog once a week, a month, a year. Well, that's better than no post at all eh. teehee.

So what's up with bloggaworld people?