Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Soon baby, soon

Happy Halloween!

In other note...

It's been a looooooooooooooooonggg time since i opened this blog. 

Okay, so what's up with me and mik? same old-same old haha. aside from the times that we have our 'topak' we're very good :)

my boss is playing cupid with one of our vendors. dunno if he's serious because he knows about mik. anyways, i'm just playing deaf haha.

i am busy now preparing for 2 parties, for our dept and for the whole ofc. i am always part of the committee by 'default.' tsk tsk.

venue - check
food tasting - scheduled this week
theme - tba today which theme won
... etc

excited though for our Japan trip next week! HP i am so excited for yah! mommy and sissy are almost done with their packing haha.
i will miss mik :( sana hindi siya mambabae pag-alis ko haha.

i saw a ghost last weekend in the parlor when i was having my hair done :$