Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Meet my new alaga-- torti! Ang kyut kyut nya!

Bring us more luck tortiiiii

returning mikoy via lisensya renewal

After almost 3 years of hiatus, nagbabalik!

So! I had to renew my driver's license since my bertdey is so coming soon. Hmmm, took me less than an hour!
(Maipakita lang ang yoyo hehe)

Heniweys, kudos to the people of the republic of the LTO here in Meycauayan. 

Steps/Tips in re-newing license:

1. Go to your favorite LTO branch early. I arrived 0645am and was like 4th in line.
2. Make chika chika with the resident SG for proper guidance. So I was directed to get the form and get medical chuva.
3. Get medical chuva (a requirement!) By paying first, then wait for the doc, then have ur eyes checked (rather read the 8th/9th line from the wateber u call it) as administered by an im-sure-he's-not-a-doctor guy
4. After allegedly passing the medical chuva, pass the renewal form, get fotographed, pay the fees, wait a few minutes and violah! May lisensya ka na!
So it took me less than an hour (not counting 1 hour of early bird existence)

Hapi queueing!


wait for me...